The Future of Android is Harmony

The End Of Android

If you have not heard of Harmony it is a renaming of Huawei’s Linux based operating system that will replace Android on Chinese made products to comply with both the Chinese Government demands and US President Trumps banning of the export of Android.

In previous internal iterations Harmony was named Hongmeng or Ark OS, but now they have settled on a decidedly less Chinese sounding brand name.

In our sister site’s article titled The Future of Android OS is Chinese Made Harmony OS it is explained that Harmony is likely to released by spring 2020.

That site also covers US President Trump Just Killed Google Android .  They explain how the US China trade war left China’s Huawai, Oppo, Vivo and others (who own more than 40% of the global cell phone market) will little choice but to advance their plans to replace Android.

The core idea is that by the early 2020’s Androids complete dominance on the mobile operating system market is very likely to be fractured by a successful OS developed by the Chinese.


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