SOLVED: How to Change your IP Address

VPN lock laptop man blueAll devices used to connect directly to the internet have their own unique IP address. Your internet router, each device connected to your router and your internet browser all has their own unique IP addresses. There are many reasons you may want to change your IP address and you’ll have to know which IP addresses need to be changed to suit that particular reason.

Different internet services may track either your permanent IP address, or your unique and dynamic session IP address – or both. Changing both your permanent and reissued IP addresses is very possible by making use of specific strategies which we will discuss below.

Why would you want to change your IP address?

Most of the people who change their IP addresses would be doing it to go onto banned websites, because of geo-restrictions, or to stream video content that has only been released or is only available to watch in another country – very often; it’s simply to gain access to more series and movies on Netflix or other movies/series streaming sites.

There are also various technical reasons you should change your IP address for, including:

  • You have accidentally configured the incorrect IP addres
  • You have a malfunctioning router which provides the incorrect addresses, for example an IP address coming from another device on the network
  • Your router was newly installed and has been configured to a default IP address and you want to re-configure it

3 computer screens digital ball city skyline at night blueChanging your IP address with a VPN

What is a VPN? In short, a VPN allows you to access various restricted websites privately – without being monitored by your service provider, the government or creeping hackers.

Changing your IP address by making use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) would be useful to you if you are trying to bypass restrictions or censorships set to specific geographic locations, to hide your network while you are downloading various content or if you have been banned from a specific site or gaming platform.

A VPN will essentially allow you to bypass and access restricted websites, as it changes your IP address to place you in a completely different country. So, for example, if you want to access a Canadian online gambling site but live in Europe – a VPN will set your IP address to be based in Canada, thus allowing you to access the Canadian gambling site despite actually being located elsewhere.

You can download a VPN online, such as Windscribe or TunnelBear, and follow the easy instructions provided to get the job done.

Changing your IP address using your router

Changing your routers IP address will be useful to you if you are wanting to make basic network adjustments, are wanting to update your firmware or if there is an issue with your router and the address it is providing. For example, it may be sending off a completely incorrect IP address and causing you direct issues online.

To solve these issues, log into your router as an administrator by following this guide. Once you have logged in, you’ll be able to change your routers IP address here in no time.

Changing your IP address for your computer

If you would like to change your computers IP address, you can do so manually by going onto your computers system’s command panel. Find and run a program called “ipconfig” which will release a new IP address to you. By following the commands and prompts you can change it by yourself. You may also return it to your original IP address if you should please.

Changing your computers IP address will be useful to you if:

  • You are needing to overcome a site ban based on IP
  • You need to change your IP identity following an attack
  • You need get around some restriction based on IP
  • You’d like to register more than one account on a site

How to change your mobile device IP address

We all love using Wi-Fi to get onto the internet, as it is cheaper, easier and quick to access. Changing the IP address on your phone will only change your private IP address, though your public one will still remain the same.

Restart your phone, by doing this a couple of times obtaining a new IP address is possible. If you do not get a new IP address immediately try it a couple of times until you see the new address. You could also download a VPN to use on your phone, such as Opera.

Changing your IP address may sound like a daunting task but it is a whole lot easier than you think. By making use of the tricks and tips above, changing your IP address for whatever your reason may be will be easier than ever.

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