SOLVED: iPersistfile Save Failed Code 0x8007002 the system cannot find the file specified

Windows 10 Backup File HistoryMicrosoft has stopped development on File History and Windows Backup.  Awesome services in Windows 7, like Shadow Copy which made “Previous Versions” of files available have been fully deprecated.  These services have been replaced with OneDrive functions. 

OneDrive provides point in time file restores and backup of most files on the Desktop, Documents and Photo’s folder.  However there are two problems that result from this situation:

  1. Not everyone has or uses OneDrive (we do and we love it, but other may prefer to use Google Drive or Drop Box or some other backup service)
  2. Some older software requires access to files that were part of those deprecated code

As you can see in the screen shot above, you can only use Windows Backup in Windows 10 to perform restores of files from Windows 7.

ipersistfile Save Failed Code 0x8007002 the system cannot find the file specified

Some articles say that running an SFC /SCANNOW or just clicking OK and ignoring the error will allow the installs to successfully complete, but that has not been our experience.

In our case, we were trying to clone disks but found all of the software choked on this iPersistFile::Save Failed; Code 0x8007002 .  We tried Macrium, Aomei, Easeus Backup and others to perform the clone but eventually gave up and just installed a fresh version of Windows 10 on a new drive.

To see a complete list of what has been removed or deprecated so far see:


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