What Jobs will Robots Steal from People?

Walle robotThe ideas that came about in sci-fi films of the 1980s like Terminator and RoboCop don’t seem so wild in the modern age. Indeed, robots are getting so advanced that they will soon be used in a great number of industries. They are already being deployed in some jobs that are too dangerous for humans, such as bomb disposal.

It is certainly interesting to consider that the youth of today may need to adjust their career aspirations to take into account the jobs that robots will be doing in the next ten years.

AI is Extremely Advanced

Artificial intelligence is reaching impressive heights. It is now so advanced that it can be presented with complex games like chess and learn them in a few hours. The AlphaZero AI from DeepMind learnt the intricacies of chess within four hours and then went on to beat the world’s best chess program. This level of being able to decipher complex algorithms and work out strategically sound ways of doing things makes AI bots perfect for certain jobs online.

Robot Financial Advisors

One of the most recent applications is in the financial advice industry. Investing money can be a minefield for a lot of people, and it is hard to get started because there are so many things to consider. Now, though, there are robo advisors in Canada that do all the leg work for you. One of the best options on the market is Wealthsimple, which has no minimum investment amount and a straightforward approach to investing. These robo advisors are more accessible to people who want to invest smaller amounts, and they could have a big impact on the industry in the years to come.

Factories and Writers

Robots will also be used to take over in jobs where there is an opportunity for human error. For instance, long-distance driving is likely to be done by robots in the near future when automated vehicles are fully developed, with Tesla leading the way in this regard. Jobs which require repetitive action are already done by robots in some cases, with factory and warehouse work high up on the list of careers that won’t be available to humans soon. Best Buy and Spread are two companies with their own robots. AI will even be used to replace writers, especially in the news industry. The robots will be tasked with gathering facts and putting them into a coherent article. Robots could be used to design websites as well.

Even though films like Terminator and I, Robot were fiction, developers do need to be careful when they make their AI creations. Both of these films envisioned a world in which robots would eventually end up taking over from humans due to the AI’s perceived incompetence of mankind. Elon Musk said that messing with AI is “like summoning the demon” but that, even so, development in the industry was inevitable. Robots are going to take over a great number of jobs, but humans should make sure they don’t let them permeate every industry. If they are allowed to reach top levels of sophistication, they could pose a threat to mankind.

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