women at laptop side view windowWindows 10 is the most recent in the series of windows operating systems, and it’s one of the best platforms for personal computer users for multiple reasons. Along with the new features, came the architecture that’s easy on the hardware and provides a more user-friendly experience, especially while multitasking.

Stability and seamless usability are some of the main reasons why Windows 10 is one of the best options for educational institutions and the provision of academic software. Nevertheless, there are a few more features and functionalities that enable students to learn better thanks to Microsoft’s newest OS.

In our current article, we are going to inspect five benefits that Windows 10 brings to the table when it comes to the facilitation of the learning process.

Personalized learning experience features

Inclusive education systems are finally becoming a norm across the world, which places teachers in front of a challenge to provide an equal learning experience to all students whilst keeping in mind the personal requirements of each student. Thanks to Windows 10, students can now interact with their PC using a pen, voice, touch, or even gesture.

This variety of interaction methods enables kids to use their devices according to their personal needs. To put things into perspective, if a student with vision disability should look for an online essay service in Ottawa by Edubirdie, that person could perform a voice search and get an audio response when the search results come in.

Uninterrupted learning process

A lot of kids have issues when it comes to focusing on an assignment or homework, mostly because there are just too many interruptions like social network notifications, direct messages, or system alerts that inform us of a successful update or recently discovered threats. There are third party solutions that one could buy to provide a disturbance-free environment, however, Windows 10 comes with a built-in focus assist feature.

This amazing feature allows students to work on their assignments while each alert that pops in goes directly to the notifications area without interrupting the work process. Focus assist feature is easy to turn on or off by clicking on the icon within the action center in the lower right corner of the screen.

Cortana personal assistant

It’s always good to have an assistant while writing a paper or performing assignment research, however, not all of us are wealthy enough to have a PA at our side. Luckily, Win 10 comes with Cortana, a digital assistant that can perform various tasks for you and facilitate your learning process.

Cortana can manage your calendar and remind you of the future tasks or incoming deadlines, which helps you to always stay on top of the situation. Furthermore, Cortana can do an online search for all kinds of information, people, or places. For example, if the student requires help to find a find a freedom of speech essay at GradesFixer Cortana can perform the search and provide related results in just a few moments.

Collaborative effort facilitation

Thanks to Microsoft’s OneNote, students can collaborate on a team assignment seamlessly, in real-time. This app allows users to share files, documents, audios, videos, photos, or short notes. Anything you could require to complete a team assignment is at your disposal. Moreover, OneNote allows users to share their content even outside the app, which means those who use other types of OS can also be engaged with the rest of the team.

With OneDrive, students can upload their work on cloud storage so the content can be reached, edited, or downloaded from various locations. The ability to share various Microsoft Office files like Word documents, Excel sheets, and other types of Office documents make information exchange easier and independent of the students’ geo-location.

Mixed reality learning

With mixed reality tools such as Paint3D or 3D viewer, there are no limits when it comes to enhancing one’s ability to get deeper into certain abstract concepts that are not easy to adopt without 3D visualization. These tools allow students to get a better grip at objects, animals, plants, or places that one needs to look from all sides to understand.

There’s a 3D object library that offers some template examples, however, students can create their 3D models or import those provided by the teacher. This way a student could take a tour through the Buckingham palace, explore ancient pyramids, or inspect places that are not easy to go to or could be dangerous to visit.


We’ve seen how Windows 10 provides you with the means to learn better, stay focused, collaborate with your fellow students, and research information like never before. However, all these tools are only as valuable as your ability to use them properly. This is why it’s of paramount importance to stay updated with news, learn about new apps, and always search for a new value in our lives.

Bio: Joshua Robinson is a freelance content writer engaged with such topics as education, writing, and computer technologies. Joshua seeks to deliver practical value to students that will allow them to adopt and share knowledge easier. Each article that Joshua creates is carefully planned and developed through in-depth research and factual writing.


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