SOLVED: What are Connected Experiences In Office?

Connected experiences in Microsoft Office products are mostly ‘little’ things that you may not notice immediately like:

  • Office 365 PowerPoint Insert Online Pictures Get Add-Ins and My Add-Ins greyed outInsert > Online Pictures
  • Insert > Get Add-Ins
  • Insert > Online Video
  • Feedback
  • Templates from Microsofts online repository
  • Weather line shown in Outlook
  • Insert > Get Add-Ins
  • OneDrive integration into Office
  • SharePoint integration into Office

If you connected experiences are offline, read THIS short article to fix them.

Microsoft has a very good article HERE but the highlights are ‘optional connected experiences in office’ fall into a few categories:

Experiences that rely on Bing

“…The experiences it powers in Office 365 ProPlus applications are: 3D MapsMap ChartsInsert Online PicturesInsert Online 3D ModelsPowerPoint QuickStarterResearcher and Smart Lookup.

Experiences that rely on LinkedIn

“…Resume Assistant provides an experience in Word that is powered by LinkedIn.

Experiences that rely on other Microsoft-owned online services

  • Office Store
  • Insert online video
  • Microsoft Error Reporting Program (MERP)
  • Research
  • Weather Bar in Outlook
  • Help > Feedback

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