SOLVED: VIDEO: How to Connect a Super Nintendo To a Modern TV Screen

If you dig out your old Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) you might be worried about how to connect it to your modern TV screen.  This video explains:

  • all the SNES connectors
  • which TV connector to use
  • how to adjust the screen resolution to 4×3
  • why images will still look pixelated


In 2020 it is common to have your cable box on HDMI1, a PlayStation on HDMI2 and a BlueRay Player on HDMI 3. Back in the 1980’s TV’s only had ONE input and it was the round coax connection. This meant the only way to get two things (i.e. TV, SNES game console or a VCR) to work was to change to a TV channel that had its signal overwritten by the external device… like your Super Nintendo Entertainment System.


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