WordPress is the number one web management tool on the planet which makes it the largest target for hackers.  If you have a WordPress web site you should be very concerned with security.  Fortunately there are five fast and easy things you can do to dramatically improve your sites security posture:

  1. Reduce Your Attack Surface by Removing all unused themes & plugins
  2. Update all Themes, Plugins and WordPress itself to the latest build
  3. Install and Configure an Automatic Updater
  4. Install Security Plugin, like WordFence, to check for malware and provide a firewall
  5. Login Security
    • Configure Two Factor Authentication
    • Login Security Configure reCaptcha v3

For more details see our article: What is Google reCaptcha Version 3, How Does it Work & What is Wrong With It? 


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thanks – this is great info on tightening up my security

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So very helpful for someone new to optimizing WordPress for security. Thanks

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