SOLVED: VIDEO: Hisense R6 58R6109 Unboxing Setup Configuration & Review

In these videos we unbox, setup, configure and review the Hisense R6 TV line which includes a 65″ 58″ 55″ 49″ and 43″ version, most of which are available at Costco.  We demonstrate:

  • how to easily remove a large TV from its shipping box
  • what the inputs are
  • what ARC is and how to use it
  • how to setup Roku
  • how to connect a cable box, PlayStation 4 and an old Super Ninendo Entertainment System
  • how to change the Hisense to power up directly to TV (or a cable box) instead of the Roku
  • changing the cable box remote to work with the Hisense R6
  • change the cable box video from 1080P to 4K
  • the options for Netflix and explain that 1080p works just fine, but if you have Netflix Premium they have native 4K content

We have a full version and a short version for your viewing pleasure:







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