SOLVED: Outlook Not Showing Teams Presence Icons

If you are used to Skype for Business or Teams, you know that one of the their fundamental functions is providing presence information to Outlook.  You can bring up an Outlook email and see the status of the people in TO and CC fields, which can be very helpful.

The problem is that presence icons may not appear in Outlook in some circumstances.   The details of troubleshooting Teams presence icons is below but what was most recently block us was a known limitation:


If you uninstall the Skype for Business client after you move a user to Teams Only mode, presence stops working in Outlook and other Office apps. Presence works fine in Teams. Workaround: To see presence in Outlook (and other Office apps), Skype for Business must be installed, even if you’re running Teams in Teams Only mode. Microsoft is aware of this problem and is working on a fix.  SOURCE

Basically, if you have a clean install of Office 365 Pro+ rather than an upgrade from previous versions of Office365 Pro+ and that install does not include Skype For Business, it is not going to work anytime soon.

If that is not your issue, you need to consider the following:

  1. Check Teams SETTINGS to ensure it is set as the provider of presence informationTeams Register as Presence App for Outlook
    1. right click on the TEAMS icon in the System Tray
    2. click on SETTINGS
  2. Check the registry to ensure it is set correctly:
    1. Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\IM Providers\Teams
    2. Teams Registry EntryUpAndRunning REG_DWORD = 2
  3. Long shots:
    1. Run a repair on Office365 Pro+
      1. Right click on START button > APPS & FEATURES > click on OFFICE and select ADVANCED OPTIONS, select REPAIR
    2. run SFC /SCANNOW in a CMD window running as an administrator
    3. Reboot (not just log off)



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