Youtube Hand on CellThroughout the last few years, YouTube has flourished in creating a golden age for independent creators. Recently, the platform and its stars have influenced the next generation of creative minds to put themselves out there and produce online content. However, to succeed in the industry, several fundamentals can assist with long-term success.

As a result, we’re going to look at the essentials that give aspiring content creators the best chance of success on YouTube.

Hardware and Programs

Regardless of the genre of the content, having the necessary hardware that enables you to create videos to a high standard is of utmost importance within modern-day society. Although gaming is one of the platform’s most popular sectors, it’s beneficial that any PC dedicated to producing videos of any kind possesses at least 8GB of RAM. Through building a desktop and fitting it with 16GB of RAM, the PC will be able to handle any task smoothly, including video editing. Crucially, having more RAM enables a computer to manage more information simultaneously, ensuring a faster, more efficient approach to editing.

Before you can even consider editing any content, you first need to record it. Among those who seek to record gaming content, for example, Open Broadcast Software is an adequate, free option that supports most live-streaming platforms, while also being compatible across Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Nvidia’s GeForce Experience is also recommended for anyone with an Nvidia GPU within their desktop. The software is free and uncomplicated to use, although it doesn’t provide the same number of features as some of the other programs on the market.

In relation to editing, using the very best software can also have a significant impact on the quality of the produced content. Typically, many successful YouTubers have used iMovie because of its ease of use, along with the fact that it’s free to download from the Apple store across any iOS-powered devices. Regarding a paid software, Adobe Premiere Pro CC is also a favorable choice due to the fact that it offers unparalleled customization options.

Video Editing Dark Room PC MaleProject Ambitions

While possessing the necessary hardware and software enables the creation of high-quality content, having aims and ambitions on what to create is equally as pivotal to succeeding on YouTube. Within the current era of content creation, the creative process is central to producing videos that captivate audiences for the long-term.

At present, 31-year-old YouTuber Daniel Kim epitomizes the necessary mindset for success on the platform. Back in 2018, the co-founder of the gaming channel Node embarked on an ambitious project to recreate the experience of playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in a real-life setting. The idea required extensive planning in relation to acquiring the costumes, personnel, and weaponry, with this aspect of the content taking two weeks.

Crucially, as Daniel Kim successfully demonstrates, the key to consistently enjoying YouTube and the production of videos comes down creating content that you enjoy. Through showing passion or giving insights into specific topics through a regular upload schedule, an audience will gradually develop. While hardware and software will only get you so far, staying true to yourself and working towards goals cannot be understated for those looking to make it on YouTube.

A Combination of Factors Can Lead to Success

Ultimately, having ambitions and a clear idea of what you want to produce, combined with high-quality PC components and software, provides the foundation for possible video-streaming success. In turn, and over time, the combination of these factors will assist in captivating viewers who will subscribe with the desire of watching further content in the future.

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