VIDEO: Fifine K052 Microphone Unboxing, Testing & Review

Recently we were asked to review the Fifine K052 microphone and hummed and hahed about it.  It’s a microphone… its just not that exciting.  In the end we agreed because this is a mid $20 mic with a dynamic range of 40hz to 20Khz and this company is an upstart trying to make a name for itself.  We like small businesses.

We unbox the Fifine Computer Gooseneck K052 mic and compare it to Jabra Evolve, Blue Nessie, boom mics, and then we test it against our Microsoft HD-3000 webcam’s mic which we use for many things.

We explain that most mic’s either have no noise cancellation or they are actually using “noise rejection”.  The K052 is using the later and it works well enough.

It has good build quality, specifications, packaging and results.  The bottom line is this is an impressive product for money.

We want to thank these sites because we clipped a paragraph or two out off their pages and used the content in our video:

Both of them provide real information and not fluff.


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    Anonymous February 12, 2020 at 2:46 pm

    Thank you for your article. It really helped me decide on the right microphone for me.

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