SaaS vs PaaS vs IaaSSaaS is a software distribution model in which a service provider hosts applications for customers and makes them available for customers through the internet. It’s one of the three main categories of cloud computing alongside Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

SaaS testing is a method used to make sure that the applications built using the software as a service model function as designed. These involve testing reliability, performance, scalability, data integration, security, etc.

Software as a Service Testing is done after the specific effect of the development process has been closed. Software as a service testing and development process should use agile methods to deliver quality and timely software to a competitive marketplace. These processes include:

  • PractiTest is a cloud-based innovative test management tool, technology, and a methodology leader and it provides clients with a good end to end system to satisfy their QA requirements and testing. The following are the features:
    ➢ It is affordable and easy to use, methodological and flexible.
    ➢ It ensures organizations have good communication and visibility a different levels.
    ➢ Assist project teams to manage and organize their testing processes and their management with a simplified and clear status of their project at all times.
  • QTest is a scalable and elegant management solution. It has the following features:
    ➢ It is easy to learn.
    ➢ It has a free trial.
    ➢ A large enterprise can track and manage and coordinate multiple software testing projects.
    ➢ It can also be implemented either as On-Demand or On-premise hosted application or solution deployed locally in your data center.
  • QMetry is a test case management that offers a simple interface for you to write details of your test cases linking them to related defects and requirements. It allows you to do Test Casas while you record results and status that is blocked, pass, fail, not executed or not applicable, ensuring the information status are level at a Test Case and Test step. It also summarizes testing progress and allows you to create a new defect when failing a test execution, this enables also provides a link to review all previous bugs related to a test case to help you confirm if there was a defect found in the previous test run.

Here are some SaaS application testing challenges:

  1. SaaS Development Life CycleConstant upgrades and releases in lesser time.
  2. Privacy and making sure data is not exchanged becomes hard due to different user behaviors at the same time.
  3. Identifying most accessed areas and be able to test the performance with a large number of users from different locations.
  4. It becomes so difficult to keep the privacy and integrity of the test data during migration and time of integration.
  5. When there is a release is made, SaaS testers need to test all the licensing factors including usage, the number of users and functionality of the application
  6. There is no standardization of the application

To overcome the above challenges, the following methods can be utilized:

  • You automate scripts to tackle constant update challenges
  • You determine the areas of the application that are accessed frequently.
  • Strong encryption is required for data security at the time of integration.


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