folding@home covid19You can easily set your home computer to run computer models in aid of finding solutions to coronavirus COVID-19.  It’s easy and being done by a respected, trusted group of scientists at FOLDING@HOME.

All you have to do is download the Folding@Home app which you can do directly from them HERE.  It won’t even ask you to create an account.foldingathome covid19 team 251414

To make this fun, we created a “URTech” team (which is number 251414 ) you can join so that we call see the progress of the group, but you can definitely ignore that if you don’t want to join our team and just run by yourself… or create your own team!

If you are unfamiliar with Folding@Home watch this video for more details on how Folding@Home works to solve COVID-19 .

For the older crowd, Folding@Home is like SETI@HOME which let space researchers use your unused computer cycles to search for patterns.  Both of these systems started about 20 years ago and have solid research.

I have setup Folding@Home to run many times in the past.  It works with almost no effort or cost to you, other than a small amount of electricity to run your PC… not much.

This will cost you almost nothing and much just change the world.


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