Online security is a significant concern for many people. As a result, more people have adopted various measures to enhance the security of their Windows devices. While doing so, most people barely notice the numerous simple things that they can do to secure their Windows 10. For instance, there are simple safety features that are available on Windows 10, and they never disappoint. If you are using a device with Windows 10 and want to enhance its security, here are some of the simple steps you can take to improve your safety while using Windows 10.How to Enhance the Security of your Windows 10 Device

5 Simple Ways to Enhance your Online Security with Windows 10

  1. Consider limiting the tracking data. The default privacy settings enable Microsoft to gather different types of data from your computer. The settings also allow your device to collect data and send it to Microsoft servers daily and this not good for your online security. To enhance your security, toggle the privacy settings and change the feedback and diagnostics settings to limit the frequency of feedback.
  2. Use your firewall and antivirus to enhance your security. Although Microsoft offers Windows Defender Security Center, the program does not provide adequate security to your data. As such, you need to install firewall and antivirus programs. You can also enable Microsoft’s firewall and antivirus protection to protect your data.
  3. Ensure that you adopt controlled folder access. Windows 10 comes with the controlled folder access, although many people leave it at disabled. Make sure to enable this feature because it ensures that in case of a ransomware attack, the damage suffered is minimal. This feature is freely available on all Windows 10 editions. It will also limit illegal access to your folders in case your device is on the wrong hands.
    How to Enhance the Security of your Windows 10 Device
  4. Turn ‘Windows Hello’ On. Windows Hello is a feature from Microsoft designed to make access to your devices secure and more convenient. It makes it possible for users to access their devices through fingerprint readers or facial recognition technology. The feature also allows you to use passwords and pins as back up, and they are less likely to be stolen or hacked.
  5. Enable BitLocker. Another simple to enhance security with Windows 10 is enabling BitLocker, an application that allows disk encryption. The programs provided by Microsoft will ensure that all data in your disk is encrypted, thus enhancing your security. With it, unauthorized persons cannot access your data, thus protecting you from online criminals. For safety reasons and to avoid inconveniences, ensure that you keep the recovery key securely on a USB or paper.

Protecting your data is always better than recovering it once it has been stolen, and the steps above can help you protect your Windows 10 device.


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