Password Managers & Their Use For Better Protection

How To Achieve Better Internet & Password Protection

Buying goods and services online, downloading content or watching videos online are some of the activities that work. These activities often raise questions about user rights and the legal environment. In addition to raising awareness of where and how the necessary information can be found and providing advice on online activities, consumers should be encouraged to expand their perspectives and explore online markets outside their home country. Cross-border Internet services provide numerous benefits to consumers, including greater choice, easier access to data and lower prices. The rights and obligations of Internet users are explained in the form of frequently asked questions, which mainly focus on the following areas:

  • Protecting privacy and data on the Internet
  • Internet safety and security
  • Internet advertising rules
  • Contractual obligations of service providers and sellers towards consumers or users of internet services
  • Copyright on the Internet

Besides, through useful links to national consumer associations and authorities, refer users to other sources where they can find additional information on consumer rights and implementation of consumer protection policy.

The Internet has an impact on social activities. Everyday life, social interactions, and economics are all about new information and communication technologies. The positive aspect of new technologies is reflected in the fact that it has created a virtual space that has led to the dismantling of various barriers, enabling interaction and information sharing around the world. Engaging in virtual social networks provides connectivity for communicators who seek a space that allows them to exercise their freedom of expression and connection with new “friends”. Because of the feeling of complete freedom and the absence of censorship, communicators leave a wealth of personal information and photos online without thinking of the possible privacy abuses. Recording various incidents online has indicated the need to be on target protection of users and the rule of law, they must take safeguards because freedom is online only possible with an adequate security and safety system in place.

The development of technology and the advent of the Internet have enabled a new form of social connectivity and new forms of networking. The social network is a medium for social interaction which they aim at mutual communication, that is, connecting with existing acquaintances, but the continued involvement of new network members for social or business contacts.

The emergence of a network within a virtual space redefines existing forms of communication and information transfer. In this way, the “migration” of network users is reached from the real to the virtual space. Virtual social networking enables communication and exchange of various contents (videos, photos, texts) to strengthen social ties and realize social identity. If we start from the fact that the success of a social network is determined by the number of users who access the network, by analogy, we conclude that the network members’ success is determined by the number of “friends” they have within a particular network. To increase their attractiveness and attract as many new acquaintances as possible, network users leave different types of information and photos. To that end, often they forget about the danger of having their personal information available to a large number of users. The network is not a safe space.

Privacy is one of the fundamental human rights that is particularly threatened with the advent of new information technologies. The Internet has made it possible to monitor communications, analyze photos, access personal data and users further distribution, without the consent and knowledge of the person whose data it is. By discovering personal data contributes to the creation of digital records by users themselves. The information thus left and user profile information may be misused in various ways. The data can be used to do harm users and eventual blackmail.

Technological development and the great role of the Internet have created an environment characterized by the processing of large volumes of personal data. In the face of such occurrences, users seek protection opportunities.

Protection of Your Passwords in 2020

Password Manager is an application that can generate, store, retrieve and manage passwords and other user credentials securely. A prime example of this kind of password manager is Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault. It provides you with different extensions and features, and also comes as an app for mobile, desktop and web. To find out more about this tool, read this expert review You may be your best friend when it comes to keeping your privacy secure while browsing the Web and accessing your favorite online services. Password managers allow you to collect and save all your passwords and login information for different accounts in one easy-to-access application that can log you into any service you subscribe to with just a few clicks or taps. Ease of access to your passwords usually brings to an end two of the most common security problems with online services: using the same password for multiple sites and using an easy-to-remember password, thus easily guessing login credentials.

It is important to use different passwords for each site/service you use because if one of the sites or services you use is hacked and hackers gain access to your name and password, they will start trying to combine your name and password on many sites (think banks and social media sites). With a password manager, secure logins that contain long and complex passwords are no more difficult to use than those you have used for years. Many of us use passwords that are easy to remember, usually involving some personal information. Quite different passwords for each site/service leave much less vulnerable. A better password is one that uses a long string of letters, numbers, and characters that may or may not contain vocabulary based words.

The use of the Internet and new technologies leads to the creation of parallel one’s social communities and new forms of business. Undoubtedly virtual networks facilitate user socialization, information sharing, and communication without time and space barriers. However, those benefits they provide new technologies, at the same time, have created the opportunity for the appearance of different species abuse and crime. Given that the Internet is an indispensable tool for modern business, but also the functioning of both the private and public sectors, the effort is directed towards achieving a high level of protection of citizens’ privacy, which should enable their surfing and Internet business to be safe.

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