SOLVED: 6 Ways Type a \ Backslash on a British PC with a US Keyboard

If you are connecting to a computer to a PC configured with the language set to ENGLISH (UNITED KINGDOM), but you have ENGLISH (UNITED STATES) keyboard you will have some problems typing typical admin commands incluing the backslash.

Fortunately there are four easy ways to generate a \ with a US keyboard on a UK language PC:

  1. Hold down the ALT key to the RIGHT of the spacebar and press the backslash key (i.e right ALT+\)
  2. Hold down left CNTL and left ALT and then the backslash (i.e. left CNTL+ left ALT+\)
  3. Hold down the ALT key to the LEFT of the spacebar and type 92 (i.e. left ALT+92)
  4. Click START and type ONSCREEN KEYBOARD, then launch the onscreen keyboard and use your mouse to click the backslash (left of the Z key)
  5. Change the INPUT LANGUAGE to US
  6. Copy this \ (yes, that one) and paste it into your English UK machine

UK Language Computer With US Keyboard

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