You’ve probably heard people say that email marketing is dead. It gets worse when marketing gurus, who should know better, say it.

The question is: is email marketing dead?

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to get through to potential customers via email. It doesn’t matter whether you have permission or not; the chances of your emails landing in the spam folder are rising. According to OptinMonster, 25% of emails are either marked as spam or blocked from reaching the subscriber.

While the statistics give cause for concern, we can’t neglect the 85% chance of emails getting to the desired inbox. Instead of wasting time on what’s not working, let’s look at what’s working.


The challenge many marketers, businesses, and companies have is creating the right email content to boost marketing results. They still rely on outdated forms of content and expect better results. That’s a pretty crazy thing to do.

Video email marketing content is the new kid on the block for email marketers. It’s been around for a while now, though. However, it became prominent with the rise of video content as the preferred tool for marketing.

Most video content used for social media marketing has proven to deliver massive ROI for companies. It’s the same for email marketing.

Here are a few statistics you should consider:

Video email marketing is the new lease of life for email marketing. It’s great to know that you can potentially benefit from video email marketing. However, taking optimum advantage of the possibilities is a different kettle of fish. If you must benefit from using video in email marketing, then you need to develop effective video content.

Below are ways you can create and deploy working content for your video email marketing.

1. Develop a Strategic Plan for Your Video Email Marketing

No one begins a marketing campaign without a plan. If you don’t take the time to plan your marketing, you’ll end up wasting tons of money with little or no results to show for your efforts.

Strategic planning is essential. It’s where you look at the video email marketing campaign holistically. You set clear goals you want to achieve during and after the marketing campaign.

video email marketing

On a general note, every marketing campaign has a primary goal: sales conversions.

However, you could also have secondary objectives you want to accomplish from the video marketing campaign. A secondary goal might be to create more awareness of your business or brand to your potential customers.

There are other specific things you may want to achieve other than what I mentioned. You need a dependable and strategic plan to put everything in perspective. With a great strategy, you’re halfway towards achieving the goal you set for your video email marketing campaign.

At the planning stage, you also consider the right video editing software that would give you the output that fits your business. There are a bunch out there, but you have to get the best video editing software if you desire the best output. Try to avoid using bloated and complicated software. There are easy video editing software you can use for your videos – and they are quite affordable.

2. Make Your Videos Relevant, Engaging, Interactive, and Interesting.

The fact that videos have the potential to deliver massive results for your campaign doesn’t mean you should use any kind of video. For instance, you can hire workers to do the video for you remotely over the internet. An example in the area of content writers is from content review websites like Pick The Writer, Writing Judge, and so on. The global market has now become more internet and remote based and the video area is not an exception.

You know the feeling you get when you go to see a movie that ended up wasting your time and money? That’s right. It’s the same way subscribers feel when they open your email and notice a bland video.

You’ll be lucky if the only thing you have to deal with is the resources you wasted in the campaign. Your emails could filter as spam, and this can jeopardize future campaigns.

You want to make sure your videos touch these four quadrants before you send them out via email:

  • Relevance: You need to understand the need, desires, and pain-points of your target audience. This information helps you create video content that resonates with them.
  • Engaging: Your videos should be able to grab the attention of the receiver as soon as they open your email. You have to put an eye-grabbing introductory scene with enough suspense to keep them on the video till the end. That way, they get to see the call to action, if any, at the end of the video.
  • Interactive: You know how you watch a movie, and you can relate with either the plot or the characters. That’s the feeling you want to create in your audience. Let them see themselves getting the solution to their problems as they watch the video.
  • Interesting: Nobody can survive a boring video for more than 10 seconds, I won’t. Regardless of how official or sophisticated your product or services are, you need to incorporate fun stuff into your videos. There’s no better way to grab your subscribers’ emotions like that.

3. Break Long Videos Into Series

Your video might be relevant, engaging, interactive, and interesting. However, if it’s too long, you could lose your audience, and they might not be able to get to where they need to take action. Needless to say, if they don’t take action, it sinks your click-through-rate.

The best way to deal with long videos is to break it into a series. There are two things you will achieve when you do this:

● First, you will not bore your audience out with long videos. People seldom have the patience to watch lengthy videos in their inbox. People have tight schedules, and you have to respect that. Except it’s necessary, make the videos as short as possible.
● Secondly, you will be creating expectation and anticipation for your next video email. You eventually turn your email subscribers to life-long followers. They can’t wait to get emails from you.

4. Never Activate Autoplay for Videos

Your subscribers have a right to either watch your video or not. Taking it away creates a turn-off that will hurt your marketing campaign in the long run. No one appreciates doing stuff against their will.

no autoplay videos

Have you ever been to an art gallery, and a guide is throwing a product lithograph to your face? If yes, how do you feel?

The impulsive feeling is resentment and resistance. Even if the product photography or lithograph is top-notch, the fact that it’s in your face turns you off.

You could have a relevant, engaging, interactive, and interesting video. Setting it on autoplay pushes your audience away, and they never get to enjoy the content. That’s like shooting yourself in the foot.

5. Use a Catchy Subject Line and a Strong Call To Action

I said earlier that the primary goal of any marketing campaign is to increase sales conversions. For email marketing, there are two important metrics to measure success: open rate and click-through rate.

Your open rate will increase when you use a catchy headline. For video emails, using the word “video” in the subject line does the trick. It tells the receiver that the email has video content. It can increase your open rate by 19%.

On another note, a strong call to action makes a potential customer take desired actions after watching the video in your email. You want to use a call to action that isn’t “salesy,” yet very convincing.

In Conclusion

There’s a ton of benefits video email marketing can deliver to your business. However, you need to create working content that helps you take advantage of the possibilities. The strategies in this post will help you navigate your way.


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