We had a fun Dell Venue 11 tablet running a full version of Windows 8.1 home but we decided to sell it and thought that most people would want Windows 10.  This brings up some questions:

  1. How to source Windows 10?
  2. Will Win 10 64 bit work on the Venue 11?
  3. How can I install Windows 10 with a mouse and USB stick when the Venue 11 only has 1 USB port
  4. How can I source all the drivers? (see links below this video)
  5. Will Windows 10 activate using the Windows 8 license key and where is that key?
  6. Should I update the BIOS first?

After you watch this video you will likely want to download these drivers:

  1. Dell Venue Pro 11 5130 Qualcomm network card driver
  2. Dell Venue Pro 11 5130 Intel Atom Z3000 chipset driver


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Edgar Allan Solis · August 27, 2020 at 6:14 pm

Excelente video. Solo tuve problemas al final, pues no me reconoció la tarjeta de red y tuve que bajar un programa para que la reconociera. Fuera de eso todo funciona bien. Muchas gracias

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