SOLVED: How To Open .BKF Files in Windows 10

I was amalgamating all of my old backups oneto a single USB drive when I stumbled on a DVD from 2006 that had a large file named “Web1-Primary_BU_Mar12_06.bkf” .  After a few minutes of thinking I remembered that .BKF stands for BacKup File and remembered that “Windows Backup” had been deprecated and removed from Windows in the Vista (2007-ish) time frame.  So that lead to the question of how to restore this old .BKF file using a Windows 10 PC.

There are several tools you can buy to do this but that seems silly because I remember that NT Backup (aka Windows Backup) is an almost self contained portable app.  You can download NT Backup directly from Microsoft HERE but if you do that will find that it is missing a required file vssapi.dll from 2002!  You will get:

“The ordinal 3 could not be located in the dynamic link library”

the ordinal 3 could not be located in the dynamic link library vssapi nt backupI found a copy of that file on a dodgy download site but I was able to scan it with several tools and found no problems.  After adding that file to NT5Backup folder all was well and I could open the .BKF file then perform a full restore without any problems, payments or data loss.

To save you the time I have bundled up NT5Backup and vssapi.dll so you can download the full package easily right here.

Below is a video explaining the download and usage process:


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