In this video we explain how to upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G from a Samsung Galaxy S9.  We choose the S9 because it is almost identical to the S8 and both of them are about 3 years old, meaning that many S8/S9 owners will be considering upgrades.  However, the process is the same whether you are coming from a LG, Huawei, S5, S6, S10 or even an iPhone.

The basic process is to connect both cells to WiFi, use Samsung free migration tool named Smart Switch on both cells, and then perform some customizations.  One thing that is unlikely to move is your old corporate email account and that is because your old cell was likely using Android Mail or Samsung Mail but new Samsungs use Microsoft Outlook.  We walk you through the setup, have you turn off audio notifications and build your own email signature so you don’t look like an amateur.

If you want the full spec of the Samsung S20 line, we have a lovely comparison grid including the S9 as a baseline that you can skim through HERE.




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