VIDEO: SOLVED: Dell Latitude 3300 3310 Unboxing Disassembly Upgrade Review & Benchmarks

We recently sourced a Dell Latitude 3300 3310 for a client and wanted to know how this laptop made primarily for the Education market stood up.

In this video we unbox and benchmark it in its factory configuration of 4GB of slower speed Kingston RAM with a 128GB M.2 SSD. We then disassembled it and upgrade the RAM 16GB of fast Crucial RAM and benchmarked it. Then as a last test we replaced drive with with a 1TB Crucial P1 Solid State Drive, downloaded and install Windows 10, patched it and then benchmark it again.

The results were a bit surprising to us as we found that the RAM made the largest difference in performance.  We expected the SSD change to be the most important change.

Overall we are pleased to report that the Dell Latitude 3310 3300 is a very capable nearly rugged laptop that is ideal for the Education market and almost anyone else.  It is thin and light but quite powerful with nice features like a 1920×1080 touch screen.

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