VIDEO: SOLVED: Intel Compute Stick Terryza W5 T5 Pro Unboxing Setup Benchmarking & Review

If you need a small PC to handle small tasks, like digital signage or extreme portability the Intel Compute Stick is something to consider.

This tiny USB dongle sized all in one computer has 4GB of RAM, a real 4 Core Intel Atom CPU, 64GB SSD, WiFi, Bluetooth, 2 USB ports and more, but its real surprise is the price. It is just CDN$150 including a fully licensed Windows 10 Pro.

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Intel Compute Stick Terryza W5 Benchmarks

The unit I chose was from a company named Terryza because it was the least expensive unit I could find.  Its performance is about as weak as you would expect, but if I had paid more, I would have got more.  These sticks can be quite powerful… for a stick.

In my case I just needed something cheap to for digital signage in an elevator lobby.

Lets see how it looks, acts and compares to other devices:

Intel Compute Stick Options

If you have a Compute Stick you may want to get accessories for it, like an SD card or cables.  To make that easier, Intel has validated product compatibility with the Compute Stick HERE,

Intel Compute Stick third Party OEMs

Here are some of the graphics we used in our video above.  Click to expand the items:

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