Have you ever faced the need to create an essay? If you attended academic institutions, then the chances are high that you got such an experience. An average student writes about 18 essays per year. It may seem that it is not a big deal to create two essays monthly, but it means that you have to write an essay every second week, and it can be tricky. It is especially hard to stay focused at home where you have various distracting factors in the form of younger siblings, pets, and, of course, social networks. Nonetheless, the lockdown is not an excuse to miss deadlines, so your papers must be done on time. Thus, you should come up with a way to handle your routine and get inspired to create your masterpiece.

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1. Ask for help

Many students have one problem in common – they experience anxiety in front of a blank sheet of paper. And when you have to spend all day at home, you may get depressed at the mere thought of the necessity to write an essay. How to get inspired when you don’t see your friends, there is no brainstorming in class, and your teacher doesn’t share any ideas? It is one of the reasons why so many students turn to an essay order nowadays. Indeed, who can create an essay better than a professional writer with long-term experience and absence of any fears? In most cases, you can turn to them at any time to get your papers done on time. Besides, if you carefully study your ready-made papers, you will learn something new and get the essence of the topic better. This knowledge may come in handy the next time.

2. Go outside

Even though you cannot turn back to your previous lifestyle and go everywhere you want because of lockdown measures that are still valid in many states, you can go into the fresh air. Take coffee to go and go to a deserved place that is not far away from home. You should just take a helper with you – any gadget that is suitable for writing. Well, you can take even an ordinary notebook with a pen and work in an old-school way. When you change the scenery, you boost your creativity and start looking at things from a new perspective. It would be great to go in nature since it will help you calm down, relieve stress, and take a deep breath. Thus, you will get a double benefit and cope with the task much easier. If you repeat this practice every week, you will notice how much your creativity has improved.

3. Visit a library

If you have an opportunity to pop into a library and spend some time there, don’t miss such a chance. All such places have a special atmosphere that helps psyche yourself up for the right mood. Many people turn on their imagination thanks to its quiet rooms and tons of books that are stored there. It is one of the most inspiring places that can always come in handy. Just don’t forget to follow the rules and turn off your phone to avoid any distractions. If you need to make a research, you can grab the required books and proceed to write. Sometimes, such an old-school way turns out to be the most effective. Even though you may want to simplify your business with the help of a laptop, resist this temptation for a while till you get inspired enough.

4. Turn to freewriting

If you cannot overcome the fear of a blank sheet of paper, you can try to turn off your brain and turn to freewriting which is generally used to improve writing skills. It will not require much effort, so everyone can proceed to do it when necessary. Just take a notebook, relax a bit, set a timer for 7 minutes, and let your words flow. Don’t think about anything. Don’t pay attention to grammar mistakes or misprints, you can always correct them after. You should just write as much as you can. Don’t worry if some of your statements will be senseless or inappropriate. You should let your thoughts go and write them down. Practicing it often, you will cease to pay to do homework for me.

5. Research

When you focus on preparation for writing an essay, you psyche yourself up and create suitable conditions for working on a text. Perceive the assignment, not from the position, “It is hard, I can hardly handle it,” but from the state, “It is interesting what I can do with it.” Thus, it is worth carefully reading the brief and proceeding to look for some relevant resources. They can become a wonderful source of inspiration. Make notes on your laptop not to miss anything important. Reflect on your paper’s structure and write it down. Many students ignore outlining for some reason, even though it can be an extremely useful practice.

6. Use the Internet

If you are stuck and don’t know how to move further, you can try to look for inspiration on the Internet. You will use time more productively instead of staring at one spot and waiting for miracles. The web will provide you with a huge number of similar works, articles full of various tips and tricks, authoritative magazines like The New York Times, and many other inspirational resources.



robertwilkins2 · January 11, 2021 at 7:31 am

Thanks for these tips. I think they will help many students get inspired. I believe that the main inspiration for writing a good essay is the thought that you can graduate with honors and get a prestigious job. Therefore, I recommend that you learn to write essays on your own and do not spend money on services that offer to do it for you. My advice for those who want to figure out how to write an essay on their own, use YouTube, there you can find many videos in which experienced teachers show and tell how to write an essay on any topic, and there is always the opportunity to ask them questions in the comments.

    Ian Matthews

    Ian Matthews · January 19, 2021 at 3:49 pm

    Hi Charlie / Roberts. We agree.

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