Managing payroll manually is an exhausting and time-consuming process, but it is an integral part of any business. It is particularly difficult for construction companies that handle publicly funded projects as it entails a plethora of data collection and calculations to file certified payroll reports.

Why are certified payroll reports important?

Any business that handles a government funded project must pay their workers a prevailing wage and this report serves as a proof of your business complying with all the government’s requirements.


What information do certified payroll reports contain?

Contractors working on the projects must file these reports with details of hours worked by each worker and the labor costs for a particular job. It must include all the below mentioned details:

  • Name and ID number of every employee working on the project site
  • Description of the company and the project
  • Last four digits of the employee’s social security number
  • Employee job classification
  • Number of hours worked by each employee along with overtime hours
  • Rate of pay for the employee based on the prevailing wage
  • Employee deductions/withholdings
  • Employee gross amount
  • Employee net amount/wages paid

To simplify the prevailing wage reports and automate the process, contractors at public projects make use of a certified payroll reporting software. It helps contractors create a detailed payroll report that is free of errors and eliminates the need for a certified payroll professional. We have listed below the top three certified payroll reporting software that make this entire process a cakewalk:

  1. Paychex:
    One of the best construction payroll software available in the market, Paychex comes with many interesting features that make payroll reporting and worker management a breeze. It is a one-stop solution for payroll, Human Resource management, time and attendance tracking. It is easy to use with a centralized dashboard and anyone can easily learn to navigate it with the available training tutorials.

    One of its most important features is that you can run payroll from anywhere with Paychex as it can be accessed online as well as through a mobile app. Paychex allows you to easily pay workers and contractors based on their fixed hourly rate through a cheque or direct account deposit.

  2. QuickBooks Online:
    QuickBooks Online is Intuit’s accounting solution and one of the best options available for generating certified payroll reports. It provides all of the relevant information in one place making the process quick and convenient. It also has in-built time tracking tools to pay employees and workers with accuracy.
    The QuickBooks Online Payroll software comes with 3 different pricing models and you can compare them to pick the one which suits your business needs. Since it is cloud-based, it allows you to manage everything and stay organized from anywhere – computer, tablet or smartphone.
  3. UZIO:
    If you are looking for a payroll software with HR management features combined with a platform for worker benefits administration and compensation, UZIO is an ideal option. It can be accessed by business owners, employees, and contractors with each type of user being able to access features based on authorization provided by the HR.

    It is a cloud-based software that provides hassle-free management and automated processing of worker wages. It makes certified payroll report generation an easy task by automatically syncing with the available Human Resource data.


A lot of contractors have misconceptions that they require a certification to be able to file a payroll report. This is not at all true as they can easily learn to use a certified payroll reporting software for making and submitting payroll reports easily. Investing in this tool eases out their work significantly and helps them pay accurate wages to their workers on time.


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