Screensavers have been around since time immemorial. It was first used as a protection for images in the old computers in the 80s which are prone to burn-in. A condition as to which the computer slowly burns its backside because of how images are being projected on the screen. This damage is kept to a minimum when screensavers are used.

Now, with all the revolutionary development of technology, screensavers don’t need to save your computer from burn-in anymore but it can still be useful for computer - sand water plane skticky notes

Screensavers Make The Appeal Of Your Screen

There has been an infinite number of screensavers on the internet available but the best ones are those that just simply entertain you when you want to take a break from your work. For instance, a 4k screensaver can display HD loop videos of nature, fireplaces, or feature the best place in the world in your opinion. It can even light up your TV screens when it’s on standby mode.

Screensavers Will Safeguard Anything You’re Working On

When you need to go to the bathroom and do your own thing or get some full-sized burger to quench your hunger, your installed screensaver can automatically light up to hide the things you are working on from prying eyes. This is especially helpful when you’re working on confidential data that needs to be kept discrete from everybody and maybe that includes your boss.

What are the Most Common Screensaver Designs Available?

  1. Nature Screensavers
    A picturesque image of animals running freely on the safari, landscapes, beaches, marine life, and other amazing sceneries of mother nature can captivate and soothe your stressed eyes. You can even choose HD videos to make it feel more realistic.
  2. Motivation Messages
    If you get energized after reading motivational messages from your phone, then you can do that on your computer screen too. There’s nothing better than reading, “Hard work will get you anywhere you want to be.” to encourage you to do better at your work and give your all when facing a difficult task at hand.
  3. Weather and Landscapes
    Having a forecast of the weather on your screen saves you time from watching the news and waiting for the weather segment to come on or checking it on the internet and get carried away surfing. You can come well prepared to go to the office or perfectly plan a trip a week after a grueling and challenging time in the office. If you are planning a vacay for the family, better be on the lookout for the weather forecast, eh?
  4. Time
    Whether analog or digital, you can just simply install and pick your preferred screensaver clock. This will also help you in better managing your time and the tasks you have to do for the day. Seeing the time would also give you a sense of urgency and help you work more efficiently.
    laptop wth second monitor with clock
  5. Abstract Art
    If you like being mystified by an artist’s work of art, you could readily get that as your screensaver. There are so many abstract arts, digital and paint, that you can choose from to be inspired and escape from the real world.

Screensavers might have lost their original purpose but they still light up your screen to entertain, relax, and get you in the mood. Moreover, it will protect all the things that you are working on from your children or just nosy coworkers.


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