We are often asked about how small offices, home offices and even medium sized businesses can avoid the high cost of on-premise file servers, by sharing files and folders with Microsoft OneDrive.  After all, it seems like nearly all small businesses run on Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive (aka Microsoft 365 OneDrive) and the limit has been increased from 1TB to practically unlimited storage space.  If you want to know how to easily increase your OneDrive 1TB limit (which Microsoft will do for free), skim through THIS article we wrote a few months ago.

It is not difficult to share files and folders using OneDrive but there are options.  For instance you can share a single file using Outlook or you can share a whole folder right out of your desktop or documents.

The problems are deciding what is best for your use case and keeping your files secure.

In this video we explain:

  1. OneDrive tutorial 0:00
  2. How to setup OneDrive to sync Desktop, Documents and Photos 0:49
  3. How to share files using Outlook 1:55
  4. What does the cloud icon on my files mean 2:05
  5. How to share a folder on my desktop / documents in OneDrive 3:15
  6. How to collaborate with others by working on the same file at the same time 5:39
  7. What does the head icon mean 7:55
  8. What does the green check mark mean 8:05
  9. How to revoke access to OneDrive shares 8:14
  10. How to set a password or expiration on files shared using OneDrive 10:25
  11. How to share files using the Microsoft OneDrive app 11:41
  12. How to limit access to just one person 12:00
  13. How to see how can see OneDrive files 16:31
  14. What is Azure Files storage 14:38
  15. What are the risks of sharing files and folders with OneDrive 14:54



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