We live in a world of cutting-edge technologies. Not a single student, and indeed a person in general, can no longer imagine his or her life without a smartphone. Thanks to it, we call up and surf the Internet, remember important data, listen to music, take photos, and do many other things. The smartphone has developed into an integral part of our life. If someone takes it from us even for a day, we will feel shorthanded and even helpless. Probably, if we forget a workbook, a book, or something else at home, we will not even think about returning. But when it’s your phone, you do it immediately. Whether it is good or bad is a moot point. And everyone answers for him or herself. But since we are not letting the phone out of our hands, it is worth using it to the fullest. Here are some apps and services to help make student life more efficient.

5 Essential Student Apps and Websites

Essential Student Apps

1. Your college app

Higher educational establishments understand that students are already on their phones and want to be there too. They tend to be innovative and appeal to them. A college app can help them engage and interact with their audience. Besides that, such apps offer virtual campus tours to prospective students to allow them to feel the “real campus experience” on their own time, at their own pace. If your college or university has its app, download that in the first place. If it doesn’t, it probably has a website offering the same features, so do not hesitate to add it to your bookmarks.

2. Grammarly

While you may be an effective English speaker, you will need guidance to become an influential writer. Excellent writing habits can not only serve you well in college but will help you benefit throughout your future career. Before handing in any paper, you must proofread it carefully for grammar errors. Using the word “grammar,” we are broadly referring to all the conventions which make a writing correct: punctuation, spelling, wordiness, capitalization, etc. Grammarly is the best currently existing widget to correct any mistake. It can even suggest a better word to use, as it has an in-built thesaurus.

3. Guides on paper formats

Formatting any written assignment correctly is crucial, as almost all of them include marks for their presentation. It includes layout and formatting according to a particular writing style, word count, referencing, and citing. Many lecturers assume that students will know how to present a paper of the required quality or standard and don’t provide specific instructions and requirements. In this case, students need to look for general guidelines themselves. Wr1ter.com is one of the best educational resources for students that offers freestyle guides, helpful writing tips, and examples. Add their blog to your favorites and write perfect documents.

4. Evernote

One of the best planners, according to user reviews. The app is far from new, but its popularity is continuously growing. With its help, you can organize, if not everything in your life, then a lot. It is precisely what every student needs.

5. SelfControl

If you often find yourself watching Instagram or Facebook instead of preparing for a seminar, this app is a lifesaver for you. SelfControl blocks your access to any website and application. You make a “blacklist” of distractions and choose the time you want to block them. Most importantly, the action cannot be undone, even by restarting the gadget.


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