It is impossible to imagine our lives without social media nowadays, and it seems that smartphones play a huge role in all of our lives. They have replaced many other tools, and people create almost all social content by using these portable gadgets. For a while, most of us shared only photos, but now, videos are more popular all over the world. As a result, people are in search of diverse apps that can help them:

  • Easily create original videos and edit them using only smartphones
  • Fix corrupted files both on the Android and IOS

So, if you are the one who is looking for such solutions, check this article to find:

  • How to fix corrupted files on Android and IOS
  • How to make video edits on Android and IOS
  • How to edit videos on the phone for free
  • How to make video movies with a phone

This page will present several helpful programs and explain how to use them to capture memories.

The Best Editing Video Apps That Are Worth Attention

How do you edit a video on your phone? Is it possible to create unique content with the use of your phone? Shortly, yes. You just need to find apps that will help you make your videos unforgettable:

Fastreel Video Editor

This is one of the most popular apps with an intuitive interface and various available options. It lets users easily merge videos and add music from a built-in collection. It is also possible to:

  • Crop, reverse, loop, flip, rotate, and compress videos
  • Convert images into videos
  • Add text, music, and watermarks

film editing tools

The abundance of options attracts lots of amateur and professional users. Moreover, there is a thorough FAQ section and excellent customer support that gladly answers the questions via email.

There are three packages available to customers. They can either use the app for free or purchase a single or unlimited premium and unlock all the available features.

choose your plan film edit

Adobe Premiere Rush

It’s another amazing online tool that offers an intuitive layout and provides a wide range of options for video editing. One of the best features of the app is the tutorial that is provided to all newcomers.

Basically, this app lets users shoot, edit, and share high-quality videos on the go. It is especially useful for those who don’t want to spend lots of time editing content.
Users can customize titles, add music, and adjust speed, as well as change colors either using presets or manual correction.

tailor transitions customize titles adjust speed film edit

The starter package is totally free and offers access to all the features. However, it has some limitations. Those who desire to unlock all the options suggested by the app need to purchase a premiere subscription. The good news is that the prices are affordable and start from $9.90 per month.

adobe premier rush starter vs fee free


filmigo screenshot editing

Filmigo is a powerful online video editor that can cut, merge, trim, split, duplicate, and compress video clips. Moreover, this app is quite popular among those who create content for various social media platforms, as it adapts videos and images to the ideal formats for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

The app is free; however, there are some in-app purchases that let users unlock all the features.

Filmmaker Pro Video Editor

filmmaker pro video editing

Filmmaker is a multi-functional video editor that helps create fully customized video content on the phone. Like other video editing apps, Filmmaker suggests such options as:

  • Changing colors and applying diverse filters
  • Adding titles, subtitles, and text overlays
  • Zoom, cutting, reverse, rotation, the possibility of adding images, etc.
  • Adding tracks from a royalty-free built-in collection

Note that there are some in-app purchases that let users get unlimited access to all the features.


lumafusion video editing

Are you searching for an amazing tool that can be compared to professional desktop editing apps? Then, take a look at Lumafusion, an outstanding multi-functional video editing app with an extensive list of available features.

It lets users change their videos by editing, adding tracks and multiple effects, and creating slow or fast motion. Moreover, the app suggests plenty of options for sharing files, and it is quite handy for professional editors.

Helpful Video Repair Apps For Android And IOS

Undoubtedly, video editing apps are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Still, they can’t help with corrupted videos and don’t offer video repair options. Unfortunately, some video files can become corrupted due to multiple reasons. But what to do if these exact videos are essential, and is there a way to uncorrupt them?

Luckily, there are some video repair apps for both Android and IOS that can help fix such files in several steps:

MP4Fix Video Repair

mp4fix video repair

MP4Fix is a useful video repair app for Android that helps recover corrupting recordings in mp4 format. It has a high rating on Google Play Store and has already helped out lots of users.
Note that the app is free, and it lets you fix the files without any charge. Still, if you want to download or share the files, you will need to make a small one-time purchase. It is also possible to obtain a premium subscription that will allow unlimited recovery of corrupted files.


remosoftware mov file repair video

Unfortunately, not all videos can be fixed with the use of the phone. In some cases, users need to download software on their computers to fix the broken files.

RemoSoftware is a special tool that will let users fix corrupted videos recorded on an iPhone. All the user has to do is import these files to Mac or Windows and recover them with the use of Remosoft.

The program supports video files in avc1, mp4v, and mjpeg formats, and it easily fixes issues in just a few steps.

All in all, video editing has become a lot easier nowadays due to the availability of useful apps. It means that even amateur users can create memorable content using just their smartphones. Moreover, people can stop worrying that their files can be lost as there are plenty of apps that help recover corrupted files.

So, just pick one of these reliable apps, make unforgettable videos, and share them with your friends.


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