We recently produced a video of our Windows 11 First Review using an alpha release (build 2100) of Windows 11 but as of right now you can download and use the official Windows 11 beta (build 2200.51) directly right now.

Windows 11 will become available to the general public in a few a weeks via the Microsoft Windows 11 Media Creation Tool but until then if you are a member (or become a member) of the Windows 10 Insider program you can get it this minute:

Windows 11 Beta Download Matrix for Windows Insiders

Microsoft has partially eliminated the requirement for a bare metal install and will allow Win10 Insiders to upgrade at no cost.  However, Microsoft warns that if something goes wrong with the Windows 11 upgrade that requires having to go back to Windows 10 (via the media creation tool) that PC “…will not be given another exception and not allowed to upgrade to Windows 11 Insider Preview builds again…”

Also there are some important known issues with Windows 11, so it is not recommended for production PC’s yet.  Microsoft says it is best to keep in a lab or on your secondary computer, just in case something goes wrong.

We have an easy to skim, categorized, point form list of items deprecated, broken, problematic and removed from Windows 11 HERE.


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