Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based service from Microsoft. It includes all the popular applications and services offered by Microsoft such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft One Note to name a few. It also offers 1 Terabyte of cloud storage on Microsoft OneDrive and calls minutes on Skype. Microsoft 365 is the rebranding of Office 365 and comes with more features such as the Microsoft Editor.

Microsoft offers three subscription categories to choose from, furthermore, one can also subscribe to the service with the help of IONOS. They offer three months of free trial which is more than 1 month of free trial on Microsoft website, also, the subscription charges after three months is also cheaper than what is offered on the Microsoft Store. Plus, you will get a personal consultant 24/7 to assist you with any problems or issues related to the service.

office365 becomes Microsoft 365

The following are some of the benefits that you will get with the subscription of Microsoft 365.

Regular Updates

Using or having a subscription to Microsoft 365 makes you eligible for being in the frontline of receiving all the new updates provided by Microsoft. In short, you are never behind in getting to use new features that come with the updates. If you are thinking about buying the boxed software rather than the subscription variant, then you might have to wait a bit longer for the updates but if you use it, be always first in priority with the new updates.

Cloud Storage

One of the best things about using Microsoft 365 is the fact that it provides its users with 1 terabyte of cloud storage. Not only that, if you subscribe for the family version of Microsoft 365, then every member of the family will be eligible for 1 terabyte of storage each. Apart from that, anything that you do with Microsoft applications whether it’s about creating new documents or spreadsheets, everything is saved on the cloud, and because of this, you can access your files from anywhere.

Access your files from anywhere

One other interesting feature of using Microsoft 365 is the fact that you can access your files from anywhere because of cloud storage. You can work on your laptop, or your smartphone, or on the web applications, and every time you create documents, it is saved on the cloud. That way, you are never lost on your documents because the OneDrive will make sure that you can access your files from anywhere.

Collaborate effectively

With Microsoft 365, sharing your projects and inviting other users or collaborating on a project becomes easier. Microsoft 365 offers exclusive applications which streamline the process such as Microsoft Teams, this allows users to effectively engage with each other and the project and also increase their productivity.

All in all, Microsoft 365 is everything that you are familiar with Office, the only difference is that it is a bigger, more powerful, and feature-rich subscription service that is designed for individuals who want cutting-edge applications that satisfy their needs and demands.


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