When buying a new computer, usually we don’t know what programs need to be installed. We are going to show you the top essential software for a new PC to perform a wide variety of tasks.
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Windows OS offers users a fairly wide range of features, but if you need more, then programs that extend or improve its functions have been already developed. For instance, when you need to clean the system properly, download a video or crop a photo, quickly write text and do much, much more.

However, many users usually download too many unnecessary applications which clog up their computers. Not everyone even understands the purpose of the downloaded program. This article has been written for such users. We have collected the top essential Windows software that any user of this operating system will need. They allow you to solve the most popular tasks and satisfy almost all your needs.


The very first essential software that you need to install is the archivers. Each PC must have at least one archiver, and preferably two.

winrar folder iconWinRar is one of the most used and popular archivers all over the world. It works very quickly and supports the ability to open a large number of many popular archives. And most importantly, it has its own specific, secure Rar format. Another point is that WinRAR can be used to automatically back up files. Additionally, it should be mentioned the feature of encrypting your data and protecting the archive with a password. In this case, only a person who knows the password can unpack the required archive.


One of the most common user problems is the lack of a set of codecs in the operating system. Therefore, another essential software for your new PC will be an application for playing audio and video files of various formats.

k-lite codec clapper 321K-Lite Codec Pack is a collection of DirectShow codecs, filters, and tools. DirectShow codecs and filters are required to encode and decode audio and video formats. With this application, you can play all popular audio and video formats and even some rare ones. In addition, this package is absolutely free and contains a high-quality player.


Install multiple browsers on your PC. The point is that they are all different and have various useful features. In the event of an unexpected failure of one browser, you always have another at your fingertips.

Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world. This essential software offers the fastest speed for modern content types, great functionality, and interface. It’s one of the safest search engines for the end-user. It also differs in a wide range of extensions and applications in the Chrome Web Store and many other advantages.

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Mozilla Firefox is simply irreplaceable for those who create and debug sites. It has a huge number of different useful add-ons that other browsers don’t have. The software works great in video chats and video conferences. However, in terms of performance in most tests, it’s slightly inferior to the previous browser.


Antivirus is that essential software for your new PC, which is better to buy and forget. It will keep your desktop safe. However, there are decent options among free services.

avast free antivirus retail boxAvast Free Antivirus is the best free antivirus in 2021 based on several tests. Free antivirus from Avast has been at the top of the antivirus rating since 2017. It provides maximum protection and easy to use; insignificantly affects system performance; scans browser extensions; detects not only viruses but also malware or potentially unwanted programs; has tools for optimizing performance, cleaning the system, updating drivers and programs.

Audio / video communication

Apps for free communication around the world via the Internet are indispensable things in addition to social networks. Skype is a classic and essential Windows software for textual, audio, video communication.

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However, WhatsApp Messenger is gaining popularity as well. This program allows you to send instant messages and any files to your friends and relatives around the world. To start using the desktop version, the app must be installed on a smartphone. Thus, there is also synchronization with your mobile device.

Recently, voice and video calls have become available on WhatsApp Desktop, which has become an excellent alternative to the well-known Skype. But, users can call only one contact at a time. Shortly, the developers are planning to add group audio and video calls.

Video players

We recommend installing separate video players to replace the standard Windows Media Player.

VLC Media Player is a versatile player that was created not only for playing almost any media content but for many other tasks as well. This essential software for your new PC supports a huge number of data formats (MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, OGG, FLAC, TS, M2TS, WV, AAC, and other media files). Moreover, the program offers features to operate with subtitles, streaming audio/video, and local network resources.

vlc orange pilon iconVLC Media Player can be used to convert multimedia files from one format to another, watch YouTube videos, save streaming content to disk, create screenshots of movies being played. The player can be used as the simplest program for viewing images.

Video Editors

Such programs should always be on your computer. Even if you are not a video editing professional, these services include many other useful features.

Movavi Video Editor Plus retail boxMovavi Video Editor Plus is a popular video editor with an incredibly wide range of features. You can install the desktop version or use the video editor online. Adding/removing a video or audio track, creating a cool slideshow with bright transitions, cropping and cutting unnecessary frames, adding subtitles, changing the clip playback speed, using professional effects — all these functions are in this essential Windows software. You can also save the final file in the desired format and test other useful options.

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Remote Desktop

In most cases, such programs are used for remote desktop access by system administrators and service purposes. But for ordinary users, this is essential software as well.

TeamViewer is the most famous remote desktop program for Windows and other operating systems. It’s easy to use, highly functional, works great over the Internet, and is considered free for non-corporate use. In addition, it can work without installation, which is beneficial if you only need one use. This essential Windows software has the function of starting a VPN connection to a remote computer; remote printing, remote screenshots, and remote desktop recording; file-sharing or just file transfer.

Cleaning and optimizing Windows

Such essential software for the new PC is useful for quickly and easily cleaning the system from temporary files, unnecessary registry entries, etc.

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CleanMyPC is a program for cleaning Windows computers from the developers of one of the most popular tools for this purpose for Mac. The program’s functions, in addition to cleaning the computer from unnecessary files, include an uninstaller, privacy settings, the ability to delete files permanently, manage browser extensions, and much more. It’s a simple but essential Windows software.

Graphic editors

In the modern world, the world of social networks and media content, photos play a very important role. Therefore, a good photo editor won’t be superfluous.

Adobe PhotoShop is the ultimate raster graphics editor. A must-have tool for creating, modifying pictures, and editing photos. The functions of the program are truly diverse. Photoshop is a powerful digital imaging tool. The disadvantages of the program are the complexity of its understanding for a beginner and the high cost of the product. However, having understood the program once, you will have been created masterpieces of photography for a very long time.

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Undoubtedly, there are a huge number of essential Windows software, and users choose them for themselves and according to their goals. In this article, we have presented the minimum essential software for your new PC that every user must-have. What should you choose? It’s up to you! Read the article carefully. Think about the software you need. If everything works for you, then install everything. If you don’t need something, then you can skip it. If you want something more, then study the additional material. Good luck!


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