How long does it take to shoot a movie? Making a movie seems a costly and time-consuming process. You may save up for years or look for financial support from investors or sponsors, or you can just go ahead and do it.

film clapperToday, taking the first steps in filmmaking is easier than ever before. You can shoot like a pro with your phone and send your projects to various film festivals. Or even just upload them to the well-known video hosting and thereby producing YouTube content and getting views. The first logical step for a fresh filmmaker is to make a short film.

Anyone can shoot a movie on a mobile or a professional camera. It’s easy to edit it in special programs – they can be downloaded and installed on almost any device. Fortunately, today there are numerous free video editing software, as well as amateur film festivals. In this article, we are going to describe how to shoot a movie if you’re a beginner.

Do You Need Specific Education to Make a Film?

As we mentioned above, absolutely any person can shoot and edit a movie. You don’t need to graduate from the directing academy and have a profile education. However, it’s worth noting that you still have to study. You need to understand all the peculiarities and nuances of the workflow at all stages – from how to choose the best camera to shoot a movie up to how to animate old photos into this movie. You should estimate how long it takes to shoot the movie; know how to act in a given situation.

movie reel projectorThere is a wealth of literature on this topic, as well as online and offline courses. Moreover, you can learn from the experience of well-known and seasoned directors, study thematic forums, read articles and watch videos on YouTube on this matter.

Where to Start Filming Your First Movie?

Certainly, you need to start with a scenario. Don’t hesitate to ask and consult with editors, screenwriters, directors since they are all available on social networks.

Try to write a scenario yourself and assemble a team of your friends or use an ad on a social network. You need to try yourself in each role, from producing to editing and sound recording. Watch and read tutorials on how to use free video editing software, what is the best camera to shoot a movie, how to write a screenplay, and so on. All newbies need to know how to delegate responsibilities and what to talk about with the people who will be working with you on your future projects. Don’t be afraid of the first movie, and don’t invest everything you have in it.

digital movie clapper

What If There Is No Money? Do You Need Funding?

Cinematography is the most expensive form of art, and, of course, funding is needed. For instance, you need money to transfer the actors and feed the film crew only, but this can be the most minimal investment. Ask family and friends to help you. Maybe someone has a car and a free weekend. You can also prepare food together. It will also cover some of the costs. Borrow props from the theater or rent equipment, or you can create something yourself. The main thing is to be active and original. Look for solutions – obvious ones and not.

You can install the same free video editing software. It’s not obligatory to use only the best camera to shoot a movie on the first try. Surely, your film should turn out good, but there are moments in which you can significantly save. It’s quite possible to ask for help from the same enthusiasts or movie lovers.

Where to Search for Screenwriters If You Don’t Have Your Own Original Idea?

The biggest challenge is your film idea. You have to come up with it and then turn it into reality. In amateur filming, the possibilities for special effects and for attracting a stellar cast are limited. That is why the original idea and plot are so important. No history – no movie. And this is a must-have for a short film.
western movie filem crew dollyFirst of all, you need to find, come up with or discuss this good story with a screenwriter. If the director has a strong, interesting, understandable story, the result won’t depend solely on funds and casting. It is crucial to approach the story as creatively as possible and then assemble a team of like-minded people. Practice shows that without a big budget, but with a reliable team and ideas, it is quite real to make a good movie.

Finding good scriptwriters is possible as well, even if you don’t have a high budget. Magazines, websites, forums, institutes, and film schools – everywhere there are numerous authors who want to film their text. Contact them. Or pick a story, novel, or play and modify it. Thousands of stories happen every day in the world. Select any, analyze, and create a masterpiece.

Do You Have to Use Professional Equipment, or Can You Shoot Everything With an iPhone?

What is the best camera to shoot a movie? There is a huge selection of cameras for filmmakers. It’s imperative to make a high-quality film, and what equipment you use for this isn’t very important. Lots of people shoot movies simply with their smartphones. Get your gadget out of your pocket and get down to business. There is no need for excuses that the model is outdated, the camera is bad, and the picture looks like a low-quality copy with low resolution.
tube tv in middle of residential roadMaybe such a picture is a good option for a retro story, while blurry shadows on the screen can help create an atmosphere of fear in a horror movie. In addition, there are many free video editing software to help you add certain effects, edit shots, crop and cut episodes. Plus, you can use the best green screen software for free to change the background in your video at any time.

Where Can You Find Actors?

You can invite both professional and amateur actors. Search in theaters, film schools, on social networks. Submit ads with references and descriptions. Candidates will send you their photos and videos. Go to student coursework or graduation performances.

When the desired actors are found, it’s advisable to prepare them for the camera and introduce them to the crew. As a preparation, you can organize a photo session with each artist separately. Before filming, ask actors to describe their characters to make sure you have the same idea and understanding.

3 actors in shadow behind red curtinYou Have Made a Film. What’s Next?

Once you have shot the material and edited it, it’s time to move on to sharing your masterpiece. Everything depends on your initial plans. You can send it to any festival. You can upload it to YouTube and collect views, likes, and comments from excited viewers. Or you can engage in full promotion of your masterpiece on social networks or in the corresponding circles.

How Can You Get to the Film Festival?

First of all, you should at least submit your work. There are lots of festivals with different contexts, programs, and preferences, with different experts who select participants. If your project wasn’t accepted for ten festivals, it might be chosen for the eleventh one.
empty theater dark red seats stepsNot so long ago, the main obstacles for amateur filmmakers were the high cost of equipment and the video editing process. But today, when almost everyone has a camera or a smartphone, video shooting is limited only by the author’s imagination.

How long does it take to shoot a movie? Filming is a lengthy process. If you have shot two or three minutes of a future film a day, this is an excellent result. Video editing is a separate art that needs to be learned. Today the market provides an abundance of video editing software of various levels of complexity. But if you want to create a good movie that can be posted on YouTube, shown to colleagues (and even professionals), then filming and editing will become only part of the production process. Good luck!


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