The rising cases of data breaches have put people’s personal information at risk of being misused; this includes their bank account details as well as their social security number among other things. Cybercriminals are not only capable of misusing this information by making fraudulent payments but also by using this against their victims and other individuals. An increase in the use of the internet has resulted in several users storing their personal data online which makes it much easier for criminals to gain access to your personal life and information. We should all be taught how to properly protect our data online, not only for the sake of our financial savings but also for the safety of our identity.

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The Value of ID Monitoring

While there are several measures for the prevention of data theft, none of these guarantee the absolute security of your data. Therefore, you have to utilize multiple means to protect your data. In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the most important reasons why you might need an ID monitoring service and the best credit reporting service for you; that way, you can understand this integral issue thoroughly. While your data isn’t necessarily going to be stolen for sure, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

1. Fake Detection

When you opt for an identity monitoring service, the service provider will check all the databases that gather various kinds of information to note any inaccurate or new information related to you. In case anything like this happens, it can mean that someone else is accessing your information and is trying to tinker with it. You will be notified whenever your information is leaked in the different cases mentioned below-

  • On websites that are used for trading stolen information.
  • Unknown “cash a cheque” request.
  • Applications for a payday loan.
  • Orders for new wireless, cable, or utility services.
  • An issued arrest or court records.
  • Requests for change of address.
2. Alerts

Since ID monitoring services detect whenever any suspicious activity takes place, they notify you of any events where your information is being displayed or accessed by those who aren’t supposed to be able to use it. For instance, if an individual tries to open a bank account in your name and provides your residential address, the company will notify you. This is extremely useful because in several cases, people don’t realize their identity has been stolen until and unless their accounts have already been tampered with or they receive credit inquiries.

3. Peace of Mind

With all of your personal information that’s available on the internet, you’re justified if you’re worried about identity theft. In fact, if you have only recently figured this out and have never used any measures for protection, you are also likely to wonder if your identity has already been misused or not. However, it’s time to start learning what measures to take in order to either protect your information or restore its safety; start doing proper research on identity fraud protection measures you can start implementing and monitor all the activities associated with your data. By opting for these services, you’ll not only be ensuring that your information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands in the future, but you’ll also be buying yourself some peace of mind. Just the assurance that your data is safe and can’t be misused will provide you with the relief you need to use the internet however you want to.

4. Recovery

Most of the companies that provide identity monitoring services also provide recovery services to help victims fix any damage caused by identity theft. However, if they charge extra for these services or include them for free depends on each company’s policy. Commonly, these services provide you with access to case managers or counselors who will aid you in recovering your identity. These people are likely to help you by doing the following:

  •  Advise you on the documents you need to present and review.
  • Freeze your credit report to prevent prospective scammers from opening other accounts in your name.
  • Aid you in writing formal letters to debt collectors and creditors.

Some service providers will also represent you while dealing with other institutions like creditors, given you provide them the authority to act in your place formally.

5. Low Costs

Although the cost of acquiring identity monitoring services can vary based on the company, they are majorly dependent on the services that you opt for. Devise a suitable plan with your company of choice and be sure that you will get your money’s worth and more. If any of the cases mentioned below match with your situation, opting for these services will turn out to be highly cost-effective:

  • You aren’t going to be able to actively monitor your credit.
  • You don’t want to freeze your credit reports.
  • You’re already a victim of identity theft.
  • You’re presently at a high risk of identity theft.

So instead of spending your time worrying about your identity theft, it’s better to subscribe to monitoring services that provide an effortless and safe experience. This will also prepare you to react to any circumstances that might arise in case you unknowingly fall victim to any unconventional scams.

6. Prevention

If you don’t properly follow measures to keep your identity safe, you are likely to fall victim to an identity thief soon enough. The internet can be a deceiving place, and scammers come up with new strategies every day. You should undertake the below-mentioned steps to make sure that your personal data is safe and secure:

  • Delete excess clutter from your computer.
  • Create good passwords and use different ones for different accounts.
  • Don’t share personal data using free public WiFi.
  • Don’t click on random links and apps since they can result in accidentally downloading viruses.
  • Use secured websites with URLs beginning with HTTPS.
  • Use 2-factor authentication
  • Utilize credits cards that contain chips due to their high level of security
  • Place additional security cameras in and around the house and workplace

If you don’t follow a majority of these steps for preventing your identity theft, then you’re putting yourself at risk; opting for a monitoring service can help keep you safe from unscrupulous elements.

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Signing up for identity monitoring services means that you’ll be made aware of any data breach as soon as it occurs. While you can’t entirely prevent the occurrence of identity theft, you can keep yourself alert by being aware of any suspicious activity and knowing the necessary steps to take following a breach. While data breaches can leave you in a lot of trouble, these services can warn you before any major damage is done.


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