We explain and demonstrate all aspects of SharePoint Online and start by assuming you know very little about SharePoint. By the time your are done watching, you should know:

  • What Is SharePoint
  • How To Use SharePoint 
  • How to Administer SharePoint This is a complete starter SharePoint tutorial.

Introduction 0:00

SharePoint vs OneDrive 0:57

What is SharePoint? 1:14

Is SharePoint Dead? 1:24

What Problems Does SharePoint Solve For Business 1:47

SharePoint Structure 4:08

What is a SharePoint Top Level Site 4:22

SharePoint Sites and Subsites 4:30

What can go into a SharePoint Site? 5:22

What is a SharePoint Site Collection? 5:40

How To Start SharePoint 6:40

How To Access the SharePoint Top Level Site 7:35

How To Edit and Add WebParts to Old SharePoint Sites 8:00

How to Create a New SharePoint Site 9:10 SharePoint Layout Explained 10:16

Where is the SharePoint Quick Launch Bar 10:25

Where is the SharePoint Top Links Bar 10:45

Where is the SharePoint Navigation Bar 11:09

SharePoint Components 12:04

How To Create a SharePoint WebPage 12:20

SharePoint Lists Explained 13:25

What is a SharePoint Document Library 20:22

How To Add A New Document Library in SharePoint 20:58

How to work on the same SharePoint file as someone else at the same time? 22:23

How to Restore a Previous Version of a File in SharePoint – Version History 25:22

How to Restore a Deleted File in SharePoint – Recycle Bin 26:48

Setup Alerts in SharePoint 27:45

What is the Difference Between Web Parts and App Parts 30:41

How to add a YouTube Web Part to a SharePoint Modern Site 31:06

How to work on SharePoint file from your Desktop Computer – Sync 32:18

How to add a SharePoint Site to Teams 36:45

Sharing Sites and Files with Others in SharePoint 38:16

SharePoint Permissions Explained 40:20

How to Break Inheritance in SharePoint 40:45 S

harePoint Administration For Beginners 41:46

SharePoint Administration Explained 44:00

Set SharePoint Retention Policies 46:44

Outro 48:05


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