small group working on laptops at tableEach business founder in the process of brand promotion is faced with many challenges and options for the development of his own company. One of these questions is the choice of the site type. And while at first glance it seems like a very simple question, once you learn all the pros and cons of each option it becomes difficult.

So today we will find out which is better to choose: a landing page or a multi-page site.

Is the landing page the simplest and cheapest solution?

The landing page is a one-page site. The overwhelming majority of such web pages have a similar structure, have a bright design and headlines that should resonate in the soul or just catch the visitor. On such sites, brands briefly describe and present goods or services that are worth ordering, indicate the merits of the company and the benefits that the user can derive. Customer testimonials are published frequently.

The main advantage of landing pages is their functional simplicity.

Design elements are created in such a way that nothing distracts the visitor from the target action – ordering a product or service. When scrolling, a user in just a couple of minutes learns all the information he needs and often makes an impulsive action, succumbing to bright headlines and tempting offers.

charts graphs with water colorsOne-page pages show good efficiency and have an impressive list of serious advantages. But along with this, they also have weaknesses. With the help of SEO and promotion tools, it is simply unrealistic to bring one-page pages to the top, and they are created exclusively for paid traffic. Contextual and targeted advertising bears fruit, but this is not enough for a full-fledged website promotion campaign.

For large organizations, landing pages can only be viewed in the context of advertising campaigns, since they will not be able to fully present their activities. Moreover, if you use a one-page site as the main site, customers are unlikely to appreciate the company at its true worth.


So a multi-page site is better?

If a company is serious, engaged in lending software development or offers consulting services, for example, and also has a wide range of clients, offers a wide range of services or goods, is attentive to its reputation and is ready to invest in its development, then its website should definitely be multi-page. On such a website, the user can spend a long time navigating through its pages and studying the content. Individual design and the author’s style, which emphasizes the characteristics of the company, favorably influence the attitude of a potential client or business partner and testifies to the reliability, success and seriousness of the organization.

Multi-page is an indicator of status and reliability.

If you conduct the right advertising campaign, then even in a short time, a multi-page site can take a leading position in the search results and attract a considerable number of free users.

meeting close up with laptop and handsA complex site with a front-end and back-end part, numerous pages, a unique design, a complex branched structure and useful content can become an excellent functional “business card” for a large successful company. But to create it, you will need a team of developers, among which there should be specialists in design, layout, programming, administration, optimization, and SEO promotion.



When choosing the best solution between a website and a landing page, it is necessary, first of all, to take into account the goals for which they will be created. If you have one product or service, you should pay attention to the landing page.

But if you don’t focus on one thing and work in a complex, then the ideal option is a multi-page site, which is maintained throughout the entire work and adapts over time to market conditions.




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