In this video we explain and demonstrate how to migrate Active Directory from Server 2012 to Server 2022, move the FSMO roles and upgrade the Domain and Forest Functional Levels.

Note that over the years we have done many in-place upgrades to Domain Controllers at smaller customers but it is a gamble that Microsoft does not recommend.

There are 6 key steps to the process:

  1. Install a fresh Windows Server 2022 (or Server 2019 or 2016) and join it to the existing Domain
  2. Patch, update and power cycle everything you can
  3. Add Active Directory to the new Server 2022
  4. Move FSMO‘s from the older Server 2012 to the new Windows Server 2022
  5. Update DNS in DHCP and statics then demote old Windows  Server 2012
  6. Upgrade the Domain and Forest Functional Level


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