The temporary absence of major public events in 2020 and 2021 led to the mass audience switching to the untapped potential of online entertainment sources. This resulted in a dramatic surge of video games popularity and Canadians trying to stay on trend as they choose new forms of leisure. Below, you will find the top five trends that defined the entertainment world of Canada.

Video Games

Canadians have experienced a serious rise in demand for various video games, with the video gaming corporations earning over $4 billion of profit over the year. According to the gaming experts in Canada, the numbers are going to rise to $3 billion in two years.
This is a promising statistic, confirming that the video gaming proceeds from the large companies exceed those of the UK and Germany. Developers in Canada state that they are constantly faced with the challenge of boosting their productions to ensure the gamers are playing with 3D graphics and joining the platforms compatible with most mobile devices.

Online Gambling

digital entertainmentIn Canada, games like video poker, slots, lotteries, and blackjack have earned ever-growing recognition from online users. They are created to match the specific demands of high rollers as well as casual players. Live casino games are an extra option for Canadian gamers who miss visiting land casinos. The providers in Canada have made the gambling experience completely legal, which means that the users can enjoy the selection of top slots without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

With the industry being a booming business these days, the Canadian province of Ontario has become the heart of gaming. Here, you will find entertainment sources such as online casinos, lotteries, and sports bets. If you are still not satisfied with the wins, moving to Toronto and British Columbia will be the best choice.

It is reported that the annual money expenditure on online gambling is $5 billion, with players claiming that gaming from their mobile devices has proven to be cheaper, faster, and more effective. In addition, there is no specific limit as to the number of people an online casino can host simultaneously. At the present moment, there are more than 100 casinos in Canada that can be accessed in an online format.

The casino format has been made legal to suit the needs of the gamers, with providers like Playtech, NetEnt, Microgaming, and Evolution entering the market and upgrading their titles for an immersive gaming experience. The ability to download games at high speed and finding a fair reviewer of trendy casino sites with a wide variety of popular casino games contribute to the popularity of online gaming. The payment methods include credit cards and cryptocurrencies, with the users playing from the familiar surroundings of their own homes.


Music has become another attraction for Canadians that are forced to stay in one place rather than attend numerous venues over the year. Recorded music is now trending among online users that feel the need to replace the atmospheric feel of a live concert with something equally thrilling.

At the moment, the experts predict an exponential growth of the music industry that will lead to potential profits of over $930 million in two years. Music lovers from Canada are now able to enjoy their favorite online games while listening to music due to the partnership of Universal Music Canada and Luminosity Gaming for more online fun.

Film Industry

It is no secret that Canada has been a hotspot for filmmakers from all over the world with its impressive sets and breathtaking scenery. The film production has been allowed to continue throughout the year with the official government permission issued to support the creative artists across the country.

Because of Canada’s democratic attitude towards filming enthusiasts, new series and films have been granted access to finally appear on the big screen and provide the long-awaited distraction. Canada has won an honorable third place on the list of the most successful filming productions, with companies hiring over 180,000 employees to help them make dreams a reality.

Video Streaming

With Canada’s powerful online platforms, the users have ranked the local video streaming software as one of the best in the digital world. As people are often choosing to stay at home rather than go out, streaming has become a popular alternative.

Netflix and YouTube have already offered their services to Canadians that do not want to be missing out on their favorite shows. The providers have made it possible to complete the subscription process and stream the long-anticipated films without the need to go outside.


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