Homes are getting smarter and almost all home devices are connected to the network. You need to be as smart as your device and keep all of your security from the breaches that can get you into trouble and expose all of your personal data. So here are some suggestions on how to protect your gadgets and keep them safe.


Secure Your Wi-Fi

Step number one when getting your personal network. Why so? Every router, including your personal, is part of the World Wide Web which makes the Internet an interconnected network, and hence a perfect place for hackers to crack into the unsecured networks. Setting a weak password will not keep you protected, on the contrary, your network will be a perfect place for a breach. Pro tip-set is to create a strong password that contains numerals, capital letters, special symbols so that it will not be so easy to crack. Additionally, some platforms and apps allow you to track the devices connected to your network with the additional options of you setting up the network ID and encryption levels.

Give us a moment to discuss not only the network of the appliances (Internet of Things – IoT) but their hardware as well. Not only do you have to keep your home network safe, but you must also ensure that the appliances are protected against failures. Physical safety of the devices is usually regulated with the warranty and premier home warranty company like First American Home Warranty has special arrangements for all the devices and home systems. This will additionally protect you from unexpected expenses.

Two-Factor Authentication

According to the definition, two-factor authentication is the log-in setting that demands identity confirmation from two different methods. The two-factor authentication is activated upon you typing the password of the account or program you want to access. Then, the system immediately generates a secondary verification token, and a text message or the email with the confirmation code to be used to validate your access to the account or program you want to want to use. Once you enter the correct confirmation code, you can access the account or the program. Two-factor authentication is amazing since it detects any attempts of a breach to your accounts and will immediately notify you.

Shared Account

top-view-of-assorted-gadgets-on-desk-swagger-apple-cell-camera-speakerHaving all of your devices connected on the platform under the code names will help you keep them in check and easily spot if some new device is trying to connect to your network. It is recommendable to name all of your devices so that you can easily sort out all the connected gadgets. You need to be cautious when it comes to the latest updates for your devices and upgrade them as soon as the updates are available. New updates have security checks and upgrades that will keep your device even more secured.

Precautions like additional networks, VPN set-up, change of the default passwords are among the most popular generic measures you can undertake to keep your devices secured from the breaches that can seriously affect your privacy. Constant vigilance while online can be tiresome but it is mandatory if we bear in mind the fact that almost all business and privacy-related issues are online.


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