Providing proper onboarding training to your customer is an opportunity that will make your company grow. This will help your customers in understanding how your product can help them meet their requirements and resolve difficult matters. It is crucial to do your customer onboarding right, as this will increase the percentage of the return customers.

Building the right framework on SaaS (Software as a Service) Onboarding Software tool will ensure that your customers get a good onboarding experience. Do proper research before you start building, in case you miss any vital point the whole course will be of no use and will result in leaving a bad customer experience.

What is SaaS Onboarding Software?

Onboarding starts by getting the new customers signed up on the software. The software provides on-screen training and guidance to the customers. SaaS Onboarding Software is where customers are trained about your new products; this encourages the customers to use and adapt your product more efficiently and effectively. During the training, the customers are trained on how the product can be useful when used often, the important parts of the product, how to use the product to get the maximum benefits, etc.

The software is easily accessible, can segregate content based on native language, allows you to create content without difficulty, provide advanced analytics to help you track and measure how your content is doing, allows in-app communications, also allows embedded integrations, etc.

What is Customer Onboarding?

Customer Onboarding is the process where customers are introduced to the products or services and trained to speed up on how everything works in a product or a service. The process takes into account the whole customer journey from the moment they are signed up to the moment they become regular customers of the given product or service. The main purpose of the onboarding process is to smoothly transition your customers from being new customers to regular users of your product or services. A good customer onboarding experience will reduce churn and will also turn first-time users into loyal and happy users who will be thrilled to stay and buy your other products and services.SaaS Onboarding Software

Therefore, we have written down some ways in which SaaS Onboarding Software will help in providing a good customer onboarding experience.

  • The main focus of the training content must be on how the product or service you provide can help the customers improve their lives. The content used on the onboarding software must amplify the solution to the customer’s current painful issues; the content should also be able to bring down their anxieties, etc.
  • By providing the right kind of training on the software, you can show the customers how your product or service can help them add value to their work processes. You can explain to your customers with the help of visuals or examples so that they can better comprehend the benefits.
  • With the help of the software, you can stay in touch with your customers even after completing the onboarding process. You can inform the customers about the new features or updates if any, and you can even send emails on a regular basis with guides, insights, etc. This will ensure that the customers are updated regularly and will also develop confidence in the brand. The customers will most likely start using in-app notifications to stay updated.
  • Create content that directs your customers to the core features of your products or services first. Tell the customer how the product is used, reiterate that they have made the right decision of purchasing the product, let them know how the product or service can be used potentially, etc.
  • The software will also help you take feedback from your customers, you can ask relevant questions, like in case the customer didn’t complete the onboarding process you can ask why or are facing any issues, you can send surveys from the software if the customer has completed the onboarding process, etc.

Keep your onboarding simple that will help in reducing the time it takes to complete the onboarding process. When the onboarding will be easier and simpler, the customers will have a good onboarding experience. In case your products or services are complex, we recommend you create separate sections for every product and keep instructions short. Never overload your customer with information as that might make them skeptical of using your products or services.


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