Put simply Windows Volume Mount Points let you mount a drive as a folder.

Mount Point are a disk (storage) feature that became available with Windows 2000 and are used today to assign one disk to a folder on another disk.  The feature allows you to add physical storage (i.e. SSD or spinning disk) to an existing disk as a folder without using RAID or Storage Spaces.

The video shows the easy way to to create a Windows Volume Mount Point using the DISK MANAGER GUI but you can create Mount Points using Command line:

To create a Mount Point via Command line on D:\My1stMountPoint\ type:

  1. Open a CMD prompt as an administrator
  2. To find out the GUID (Global Unique Identifier) of the C: drive type: mountvol D: /L
  3. To create a mount point on D:\My1stMountPoint\ type: mountvol D:\My1stMountPoint\ \\?\Volume\<GUID from Step 2>\
    • i.e. D:\My1stMountPoint\ \\?\Volume\{4rtyyca678d-56bc-53d3-agf8-79855550d0e}\

If you want more help with Mount Points just type mountvolin a CMD prompt or click HERE for Microsoft’s explanation.


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