Put simply that DCOM is AutoPlay, but to answer this question you need to understand DCOM.

What is DCOM in Windows?

DCOM is the acronym for Distributed Component Object Model and it is the . DCOM is Microsoft proprietary software component that allows COM objects to communicate with each other over a network.

What is a COM Object In Windows?

COM is the acronym for Component Object Model which Microsoft’s introduced in 1993 to allow software components to talk to each other.  Many programming languages use COM to transmit and receive information from software modules.

What is DCOM Server: 995C996E-D918-4A8C-A302-45719A6F4EA7 ?

The code 995C996E-D918-4A8C-A302-45719A6F4EA7 is a GUID (Global Unique Identifier, which you can think of a GUID as a serial number for software) that is the “Shell Hardware Mixed Content Handler”

The “Shell Hardware Mixed Content Handler” is tech speak for AutoPlay:

This command creates a COM Desktop local server (click  HERE for details on LocalServer32) used by the Shell to handle AutoPlay SOURCE


(it) needs to run as “Interactive User”, meaning run in a logged-on user’s session (that’s you). The reason it needs to run in the context of a logged-on user is that it’s actually the Autorun handler…  SOURCE

Solve DCOM Server: 995C996E-D918-4A8C-A302-45719A6F4EA7 Errors?

autoplay What is DCOM Server 995C996E-D918-4A8C-A302-45719A6F4EA7If you don’t want to deal with DCOM  995C996E-D918-4A8C-A302-45719A6F4EA7 errors:

  1. Click START
  2. Type AUTOPLAY
  4. Click the USE AUTOPLAY ON ALL MEDIA AND DEVICES to the left which will disable Autoplay



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