A hyperconverged system means that all of the components (network, disk/SSD storage, CPU for compute…) are in a single unified box (or more often a few hardlinked boxes) which makes them generally more reliable.

Nutanix systems are hyperconverged and seldom crash, but they could. There are also other times (like audits) that you may need to know the last time they rebooted.

The problem is the Nutanix web interface called Prism does not provide an uptime or last reboot field. If you want to know the last time your Nutanix box restarted, you need to use their Command Line Interface (CLI). Fortunately, it is a very simple process:

  1. If you don’t already have it, download PuTTY and launch it
    • It is free, it is stable and I have never had a problem with it
  2. Enter the IP address of your Nutanix cluster
    • In my case it was
  3. Enter the Nutanix username and press the Enter key
    • the default username is Nutanix
  4. Enter the Nutanix password and press the Enter key
    • the default username is nutanix/4u
  5. Enter allssh uptime and press the Enter key
how to determine how nutanix uptime


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