When you install Active Directory or add a Domain Controller, ADUC (Active Directory Users and Computers) is installed automatically but there will be times when you want to install ADUC on a member server.

One such scenario has to do with limiting support tech’s access. You can keep support staff off of your DC’s by giving them the tools they need on a lesser server.

What is RSAT?

RSAT is the acronym for Remote Server Administration Tools and includes these apps:

  • SMTP Server Tools
  • Hyper-V Management Tools
  • Hyper-V Module for Windows PowerShell
  • Hyper-V GUI Management Tools
  • Windows Server Update Services Tools
  • API and PowerShell cmdlets
  • User Interface Management Console
  • Active Directory Users and Computers Snap-in
  • Active Directory Sites and Services Snap-in
  • Active Directory Domains and Trusts Snap-in
  • Active Directory Administrative Center Snap-in
  • ADSI Edit Snap-in
  • Active Directory Schema Snap-in (Not Registered)
  • Active Directory Command Line Tools
  • Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell

How To Install Active Directory Users and Computers RSAT?

On any member server you can install ADUC and the of the other RSAT tools by:

  1. Launch SERVER MANAGER (and wait for it to finish its configuration checks)
  2. Click MANAGE (top right corner)
  4. Click NEXT all the way through to the SELECT FEATURES section
  5. Scroll down and select either all REMOTE SERVER ADMINISTRATION TOOLS or expand that category and select what you want
  6. Click NEXT through to the end

In my case I just wanted some core functions like ADUC, DHCP and DNS access so you can see what I selected here:

Install Active Directory Users and Computers

Note that you may be prompted / informed that things like IIS are also going to be installed as prerequisites.


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