Blogging is a low-cost business idea that has the potential to really make a difference in your life financially. While many people think blogging is a thing of the past, it still is and still can be a very valuable tool to your business plan, if you use it right.

However other ways of making profits and returns for your online activity can be as simple as playing at Canadian casinos online, streaming or even starting and growing your own YouTube channel. Once you learn the strategy of gambling for all the various selection of table games, you will find a game that can boast great returns. Of course, it goes as far as picking out the right house edge and return percentage in games, but as you build up your strategy, all these features would come easily. While many actually do not believe it can be done, blogging about gambling, and using casino affiliate marketing has been a great income stream for revenue. Within this informative guide, we will be given you all the tips and hacks to make blogging a revenue stream for your business.

Choose a Profitable Niche

This may seem like a simple idea at first, but it does require some analytical skills to deduct what is defined as profitable. Google analytics is your friend here, as you will be able to search broad topics and filter it down to niche suggests that have the audience waiting for blog posts and monetized content from yourself. Low competition here is key, make sure to assess keyword difficulty.

Before selecting your niche, it is important to do the background research, otherwise making money could be a huge gamble, and when you invest into a blog, with slim chances of success, it ultimately can be a waste of time and resources.

Email Listing

The next thing we would recommend is, building an email list for your blog. Ensures that you can reach more readers in greater regions and locations. A way of making sure you can reach readers other than the internet, is through their mailbox, of course. Email marketing when done right is probably one of the most productive ways and tools of converting users in selling products. It can channel traffic directly from a source other than social media and SEO methods.

make money blogging

Sponsored Reviews

This may seem impossible, but if you start off by writing reviews for markets that are worth purchasing from (similar to your niche), you could find that the pay for each review can be totally worth it. Also, this can lead to affiliate marketing too, meaning whatever you convert from your blog, you would receive a percentage of the profits directly to your account.

Great affiliate examples that bloggers have made a killing from, are fashion brands like Fashion Nova and Boohoo. These brands have a large following, and by writing honest and open reviews, you will also increase your authenticity in the eyes of your audience. Multiple fashion bloggers have used this avenue as a way of securing monthly streams of revenue, with very little effort.

Sell Digital Products

Now, this is a cool idea to follow through on once you have leveraged and built a loyal audience to your blog. Once you have the numbers, a great opportunity of earning money is to provide a digital service. Hey maybe you’re a fashion blogger and a way of earning money would be to set up workshops of styling key capsule pieces in your wardrobe. For the conscious and loyal follower, these workshops not only would be a valuable purchase, but it is also an opportunity to get closer access to your audience and build your online presence and brand even further.

With this idea comes complete freedom to reach new climbs and try new things. While we would advise to do research on the digital products that you sell, make sure that you handle your online platform honestly and measure the data of your influence. Knowing where the highest region of your sales conversion could be the recipe to push even more sales and success, be it channeling a language change or time zone for interaction.

Creating an online community certainly is not easy. However, with the right research tools and dedication, blogging can be a very effective and enjoyable way of making money for your business.


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