There is no secret that students are facing piles of writing assignments in college. Endless pages of essays, research works, and other papers can drive young people nuts. And while all these tasks are hard to complete by default, there is also another big issue associated with them – plagiarism.

Uniqueness has always been one of the major requirements in academic writing. Even though you are expected to use external resources when working on your tasks, the final piece should still remain 100% original, and this causes lots of distress to young people. But luckily, there are some helpful platforms and tools that will help you overcome this challenge!

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If you are looking for an all-rounded solution that will keep all your academic assignments free of plagiarism, then WritePaper is the best choice. Students have the possibility to order paper edit on WritePaper and get their texts polished by qualified writers. As a result, you will get a paper with no mistakes and zero traces of plagiarism.

Apart from editing, this platform also offers writing help. Thus, if you ever find a particular assignment too complicated or lack time to complete it on time, the experts from WritePaper will help you out. They are proven masters of their craft with MA and Ph.D. degrees in various fields. So, they know exactly how to make your essays worth the highest grade!


Another all-rounded solution for everyone who hates essay writing is Grammarly. We bet that many of you have already heard about it. But, if you are still not using it yourself, this is a huge omission. The best thing about Grammarly is that it solves a number of students’ challenges at once. First of all, it helps you write clearer and with no errors to get higher grades. But, it also has a few extra features to make your life easier.

Namely, one of the lesser-known features offered by this platform is a plagiarism check. Grammarly comes with built-in originality software that can scan your completed essays and provide you with a thorough report. With its help, you can eliminate similarities with external resources and improve the overall quality of your text.


The majority of students know about this platform after a few years in college. So, this one is a life hack for freshers – Turnitin is anti-plagiarism software that has been around for 20 years already, and it is a tool that most professors use to check your assignments.

According to numerous surveys and reports, Turnitin is still the number one tool teachers and schools trust. Of course, not everyone uses it. But, the majority of teachers do. Therefore, if you want to stay confident that your teacher will not discover even a bit of plagiarized content in your essay, chances are that Turnitin is the best platform to use to ensure this!


Another trusted platform to try if you want to keep your assignments 100% unique is Copyscape. This tool often gets high positions in different software rankings. And there are plenty of reasons for that. First and foremost, Copyscape is reliable. Millions of teachers and students rely on this platform, so you should give it a try too.

One more thing you need to know about it is that there are two versions of this plagiarism checker. The first one is available for free, which can sound quite tempting for students. But, we have to admit that Copyscape premium (the paid version) is much more reliable and thorough. So, consider buying the premium version if you want to run in-depth scans and receive detailed reports.

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The next platform on our list is not as widely known as Turnitin, Grammarly, and other tools. But it’s definitely no worse. Enago is an advanced software powered by Turnitin. It helps you discover the slightest similarities between your text and external resources and improve the overall uniqueness score without a hassle.

Best part? Although Enago is proven to be quite accurate and reliable, it is much more cost-effective and quick compared to many similar platforms. What’s more, it also features AI-powered grammar suggestions. So, apart from ensuring uniqueness, you can also use it to find and fix different styles, grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.


Duplichecker is another top-ranked and popular platform for checking plagiarism. It is widely used by college students because it lets you scan texts free of charge but with a 1,000-word limit. And it’s known for its accuracy and reliability.

Unfortunately, due to this limit, this tool might not work well for lengthy articles and papers. However, if you need to ensure the originality of a short essay, you can do it without paying a cent. And, when there is the need to analyze a text that is longer than 1,000 words, you can consider getting a paid version of this tool.


Another cool platform students can try is Scribbr. One thing that makes it particularly good for academic purposes is that it features a pretty extensive database of sources and scans your papers against even academic sources such as dissertations, research papers, etc. It even detects errors in texts that were heavily edited to mimic accidental similarities. And it is proven to provide accurate results.

On top of that, Scribbr has one unique feature that allows scanning texts for self-plagiarism. This option is there to help authors identify if they accidentally copied some of their own older sources/texts. This can really come in handy in college. The downside, though, is that quality software always comes at a price. Thus, the free version of Scribbr is pretty limited, and if you want to get the most out of it, you will have to pay.


Finally, the last option on our list is an anti-plagiarism platform designed with students’ needs in mind. As the name suggests, Unicheck was created to help students scan their academic assignments and ensure 100% originality at all times. This tool performs great thanks to an extensive database of articles and other sources that it scans thoroughly to find similarities.

Unfortunately, this platform doesn’t offer any free checks. In order to get started, you need to choose a suitable plan and specify the number of pages that you want to scan. However, we have to say that the rates are pretty affordable – you can start at $5 for 20 pages. The rates aren’t too expensive, so don’t let this fact scare you off.

The Bottom Line

It, of course, feels bad when you spend days or even weeks working on an essay or another paper for college, give your best to it, and then get a low grade just because your professor found similarities between your work and someone else’s. For decades, students have been struggling with plagiarism-related issues. But, now, the situation has changed a lot.

These days, everyone can freely access reliable anti-plagiarism software to scan their papers before submission and ensure that they are 100% unique. Use the tools from this article to do this yourself and get high grades for your assignments!


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