When you think of Artificial Intelligence, you may think of talking robots or sentient machines that want to try and take over the world. Many sci-fi films have even gone so far as to pit AI against humanity in an epic battle – like 1984’s infamous The Terminator.

Whilst it’s not trying to take over the world, Artificial Intelligence has made its way into many aspects of everyday life – from AI helping people do day-to-day tasks with services like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa to more technical applications like cyber security.

One of the industries that AI has also become quite prevalent in is gambling as well as the casino games you can play at the top real money casinos. But is AI helping casinos – or hindering them? Let’s take a closer look.

First – What actually is Artificial Intelligence?

The simplest definition of Artificial Intelligence or ‘AI’ is the area of computer science that utilizes computers to learn, work and react in a human way. Whilst this is a very broad definition of the term, AI systems can actually demonstrate things like learning how to reason, resolve, lean, plan and even develop a basic degree of social intelligence – They can even be programmed to learn chess and beat grand masters, like IBM’s DeepBlue.

Artificial Intelligence in the Casino and Gambling Industry

Interestingly, the gambling industry has an incredible amount of opportunity for AI and machine learning. Online casinos already use AI quite heavily for things such as fraud detection, which is obviously a great thing.

But with the great advantages, there are also some disadvantages. Let’s begin with the numerous advantages:

The Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in Gambling

Allows for a really personal experience

Thanks to the power of AI, players in online casinos can get their favourite types of games – and games that they may enjoy playing – displayed to them right on the casino homepage.

The AI used by online casinos can read and spot patterns in player behaviour, allowing the casino to customise the game selection offered to players based on what they have played in previous sessions. This is especially handy for players who get bored easily!

Customer service that’s on point

Another benefit of artificial intelligence is the fact that customer service can be totally automated. Little things which have a big impact on player experience – such as billing history, preferences in game type and more – allow these online casinos to provide a customer service experience that is as human as possible.

This customer service can come in a range of forms, including chatbots that are available to assist players whenever they need it.

Is Artificial Intelligence Making Gambling Better… or Worse?

AI helps promote responsible gaming

Artificial intelligence is also paving the way to create a more responsible environment for online casinos and gambling – using algorithms to help identify any problem gamblers before a problem occurs and nip it in the bud.

This usage of AI creates a sort of safety net for players, ensuring that they don’t get into problems further down the line.

The Downsides of AI in online casinos

Whilst there are plenty of upsides to AI being used in online casinos, there are also a few ways that it can be a bad thing…

It’s still quite new

Because it’s still in its infancy, there is room for this AI to be exploited. Whilst it can be used to help protect people who are playing at these casinos from future problems, nefarious sites could possibly use AI to exploit the data they collect to keep gamblers hooked.

AI can fall into the wrong hands

Just as AI can be used by casinos to stop cheaters, people could potentially use AI to do the opposite. AI could be an incredible weapon against the casinos if used by the wrong people, who could program a version of AI to use data and help themselves win more money at the casino.

The future of AI in the Gambling Industry

Unless you’ve got a crystal ball, it’s pretty much impossible to tell exactly what the future holds for the use of AI in the gambling industry. The development of smart algorithms and machine learning has helped industries like healthcare use AI for new innovations. There are a number of ways that AI could also work its way into casinos in the future – from unparalleled safety to robots dishing out the cards at a poker!


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