If you think your APPDATA folder is missing, you likely have just not enabled Hidden Items.

Microsoft sets several files and folders to not appear in the your FILE EXPLORER because they are so sensitive, normal users should not be playing with them.

How To See Hidden Files & Folders

  2. Double click on the VIEW tab
  3. Put a check mark in HIDDEN ITEMS (and in FILE NAME EXTENSIONS while you are there!)
  4. Have a nice day
how to view hidden files and folders like appdata folder missing

How To View Hidden Files & Folders In Command Line

If you want to see hidden files and folders in a command prompt, use this command:

dir /ah /s

How To Make a File or Folder Hidden

To set a file or folder to be hidden from regular users, just right click on it and select the HIDDEN check box… thats it.

how to make a file or folder hidden


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