If you need to replace or just upgrade your current M.2 SSD you might think it is too difficult because your desktop computer or laptop only has one M.2 SSD slots. Fortunately, you can buy a very cheap M.2 to USB adapter and if you use Macrium Reflect Free Edition, you can do the work yourself quickly and easily.

In this tutorial we demonstrate how to easily clone your M.2 Solid State Drive using a cheap USB to M.2 kit and Macrium Reflect Free Edition .

We also explain what we think of TimeTec SSD quality and performance.

Intro 0:00
Are TimeTec 2TB SSD’s Good 0:25
How to use an M.2 SSD to USB Adaptor 0:50
How to clone an SSD using Macrium Repflect Free 1:50
How to replace your M.2 SSD 5:40
How to enter the BIOS and chang the boot order on a Dell 7:00
How to add a new partition in Windows 7:43
Outro 8:00


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