If your Windows Updates are failing with Windows Could Not Search For New Updates CODE 8024402F, the problem is communications. Something is blocking that computer’s connection to download.windowsupdate.com which is the source of all Windows Updates.

One way to confirm the problem is to try and download THIS Windows 10 patch file directly from download.windowsupdate.com . You need to figure out what is blocking your access.

In the example below we found the 8024402F error code then:

  1. launched WindowsUpdate.Log
  2. Scrolled to near the bottom (for the most current entries) and found FAILED TO DOWNLOAD CAB FILE FROM http://download.windowsupdate.com/d/msdownload/update/others/20...
  3. We copied the URL and pasted into a browser which should have downloaded it but as you can see:
  4. We received FILE TRANSFER BLOCKED: Transfer of the file you were trying to download or upload has been blocked in accordance with company policy...
  5. That lead us to check our Proxy Server settings to see if the company had a proxy, but it did not. so:
  6. We Googled FILE TRANSFER BLOCKED (search for images) to see if others had posted something similar and we found it was identical to the PaloAlto firewall blocking page
windows update error code 8024402F


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